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Mariam Baksh

Mariam Baksh
Mariam Baksh reports on the development of federal cybersecurity policy for Nextgov. She started covering technology governance in 2014, during the heat of the Net Neutrality debate, and focused her graduate studies at American University on investigative journalism.
CIO Briefing

Biden Doubles the Size of the President’s Science and Technology Council

The group includes high-profile academics and industry representatives, including from Google and Microsoft.


Treasury Sanctions First Cryptocurrency Exchange to Combat Ransomware 

The department also emphasized guidance for victim organizations who risk running afoul of enforcers by paying attackers and failing to report incidents.


Union Supports Revised Civilian Cyber Reserve Program 

But the American Federation of Government Employees is still adamantly against the creation of a civilian National Digital Reserve Corps.


Agencies Seek Comments on Supply Chain Security of Critical Software

The Commerce and Homeland Security departments want details about the information and communications technology industry’s cybersecurity practices and gaps in manufacturing.


Auditors, Contractors Hang in the Balance as Defense Overhauls Cybersecurity Certification Program

The Defense Department has not ruled out a return to allowing companies to ‘self-attest’ their security posture.


Watchdog: CISA Needs to Update Plans to Protect Critical Infrastructure

The Department of Homeland Security Inspector General report on dam security found a lack of coordination among agency teams.


Union Wants Civilian Cyber Reserve Proposal Dropped from Defense Bill

The American Federation of Government Employees says private-sector stake in the provision is based on companies seeking a competitive advantage.


FBI Official: Russia Is Not Cooperating with U.S. Against Ransomware Threat

Administration officials promised consequences after a meeting between presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.


CISA Brings in Former Obama Official as Chief of Staff

Agency leadership stressed Kiersten Todt’s experience working with the private sector.


Big Tech Under Scrutiny as White House Looks to Align Policy Approach with Europe

Lawmakers are also trying to beef up resources for domestic privacy and cybersecurity enforcement at an emboldened Federal Trade Commission.


National Cyber Director Outlines Staffing Framework for 75-Person Office 

Chris Inglis is still trying to distinguish his role and responsibilities from other leading cyber officials.


Report: Hackers Shift from Malware to Credential Hijacking

Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike tracked record levels of cyber intrusion activity over the past year.

Emerging Tech

DOJ Seeks Congressional Funding to Implement Policy on Body-Worn Cameras

The announcement follows tensions with some local police departments over the authority to release footage recorded during joint operations.


The Government's Software Transparency Journey Moves from Plan to Practice

Allan Friedman, the leader of a transparency initiative at the Commerce Department, is now at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to realize the ultimate vision for a software bill of materials. 


CISA Urges Patching Atlassian Software Before Holiday Weekend

A vulnerability in collaboration software is undergoing “mass exploitation,” according to U.S. Cyber Command. 


Lawmaker to Propose Bill to Incentivize Industry Cybersecurity Cooperation Within Days

During congressional testimony, cybersecurity firm FireEye pushed for greater liability protections to be included in a draft cyber incident reporting bill.


OMB Provides Tiered Instructions on Logging Requirements in Executive Order

A memo for agencies assigns criticality levels to monitoring activities along various categories and sets deadlines for compliance.