CISA, International Counterparts Highlight Mistakes Organizations Make After a Cyber Intrusion

A lot of what’s necessary to appropriately respond to a cyber incident should happen way in advance.


OMB Issues Interim Rule for Banning IT Products From Federal Systems

Any individual the Federal Acquisition Security Council deems credible could initiate a removal or exclusion order.


Pentagon’s Contractor Cybersecurity Program Approaches Testing Phase 

The pending non-profit in charge of issuing certifications is moving forward with training for assessors as a key aspect of its arrangement with the Defense Department could be in flux. 

IT Modernization

NIST Calls for Standards to Improve Forensic Capabilities in the Cloud  

The agency has been highlighting gaps in cloud standards for almost a decade now and noted a conspicuous beneficiary of the status quo.


Federal Agencies Warn North Korean Hackers Have Upgraded Their Cash-Out Schemes

A joint alert shared details of tactics and malware used by a state subgroup the U.S. government calls the BeagleBoyz.

IT Modernization

The Pandemic May Push the Federal Workforce to Face Fears About Reskilling 

Officials point to how modernization can create opportunities, as angst about job loss swirls.


Critical Update: Why a Government Vulnerability Disclosure Program Is a Big Deal

The new policy could change the government’s relationship with hackers but some agencies have reservations.  


CISA Warns of Vulnerabilities in Popular Domain Name System Software 

Security advisories note attackers could remotely exploit flaws to cause a denial of service.


What the Rest of Government Should Watch When the Defense Authorization Bill Goes to Conference

Overhauling FedRAMP is just one of a list of ways the NDAA could affect civilian government tech.

Emerging Tech

DOD Releases Prime Airwaves for Commercial 5G Networks

Amid criticism, officials said 100 megahertz of federal midband spectrum will be transferred to commercial users at an unprecedented pace.

Emerging Tech

White House Council Seeks Input on Plan to Invest in Alternatives to GPS

The request for information flows from an executive order on the responsible use of positioning, navigation and timing services.


CISA Finalized Directive on Vulnerability Disclosure Policies, Congressman Says 

The binding operational directive would create a legal path for ethical hackers to report website vulnerabilities to government agencies.


CISA Director Identifies Main Targets of Russian Adversaries in Election Security Efforts

Appeals made to the information security community apply just as much to the average voter—the last line of defense is a patient voter.


More Federal Funds Could Help Small Jurisdictions With Technical Tools to Secure Elections, Expert Says

The potential for disinformation to disrupt the process casts a shadow on significant improvements made since 2016.


NTIA to Host Proof-of-Concept Summit in Software Transparency Effort

More agencies are starting to ask suppliers for a software bill of materials in building a foundation for better, faster cybersecurity.

Emerging Tech

State Department Brings Financing Partners to Help Fund Huawei Alternatives

The State Department is working with financial institutions to help close deals for Western technology providers around the globe, an official says.

IT Modernization

Pentagon Aims to Support More Sensitive Telework By Year's End

The Defense Department is also in “an active conversation” about sustaining telework post-pandemic, according to Chief Information Officer Dana Deasy.


CMMC Official Backs Light-touch Option for Continuous Monitoring of Defense Contractors’ Cybersecurity

The Pentagon’s certification program is looking for a way to keep tabs on companies during the three-year intervals between independent audits.


The Liability Plan to Hold Software Producers Accountable for Cybersecurity 

A key congressman explains one of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission’s loftier recommendations.

IT Modernization

Oversight Democrats Want at Least $1B for Technology Upgrades in Next Relief Bill 

Lawmakers make the case that the funding should be included in any coronavirus relief package that comes to a vote to help address IT systems struggling due to surge in demand.