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John Breeden II

John Breeden II is a journalist and reviewer with over 20 years of experience covering technology. He is the CEO of the Tech Writers Bureau, a group that creates technological thought leadership content for organizations.
Artificial Intelligence

Companies turn to risk mitigation tools to monitor AI absent federal law, study finds

While Congress debates AI regulations, Gartner has found a majority of businesses are looking at using new IT tools to self-regulate the risks of AI usage.

Artificial Intelligence

How NASA, NOAA and AI might save the internet from devastating solar storms

Coronal mass ejections that can occur during the solar maximum are electrically charged, meaning they can easily destroy electrical and computer equipment.


National intelligence office issues cyber warning for government and commercial satellites

The warning comes just about a month after three teams at the DEF CON 23 convention in Las Vegas managed to successfully hack a government satellite in orbit.

Emerging Tech

As drone popularity grows, government considers how to safeguard the skies

While the vast majority of drone operators pilot their devices safely, there have been incidents where drones stray into dangerous places.

Artificial Intelligence

What AI-powered robots have to say about their future with humanity

The press conference was billed as the world’s first where robots and AI took center stage, answering live questions from human reporters.

Emerging Tech

Citizens are helping government reach its ambitious scientific goals

The government is looking for everyday people to help collect, study or parse information related to various scientific projects.

Emerging Tech

NASA steps closer to perfecting super-fast internet in deep space

Until very recently, NASA did not have a good solution for building extra bandwidth into the Deep Space Network.

Emerging Tech

Military vehicle electrification continues to roll forward, but may face bumps in the road

The U.S. military operates more than 174,000 non-tactical vehicles, the second highest number in the federal government.

Emerging Tech

ESA Lets People Plan and Execute JUICE Spacecraft Missions in New Video Game

The real-life JUICE mission will be the first to study Jupiter’s moons with such a high amount of detail.


Artificial Intelligence and Drone Tactics Maneuver into Advanced Military Simulations

The war in Ukraine has made drones a powerful frontline weapon, more user-friendly AIs have been created, and the quality of computer graphics has also improved.

Emerging Tech

NASA Asks for Public Help with the Second MarsXR Challenge

The second challenge will feature a mission storyboarding component, enabling non-programmers to participate.

Artificial Intelligence

New AIs Make The Mainstream

Artificial intelligence technology is now moving ahead at warp speed.

Artificial Intelligence

Scientists Weigh in on the Ethics of Next-Generation AI

The release of a powerful and publicly available AI has raised questions about the technology's potential and points of concern.

Artificial Intelligence

The AI Behind ChatGPT Looks to Visualize the World

Nextgov explored the image-generation capability of OpenAI's DALL-E artificial intelligence program.