Artificial Intelligence

Industry leaders urge Congress to enact responsible AI regulations

Some tech observers have suggested hitting pause on generative artificial intelligence development, but industry leaders told lawmakers that the tech could benefit from legislation that builds trust in AI.


CISA’s new roadmap aims to fortify open source software security

The nation’s cyber defense agency wants to play a key role in hardening the broader open source software security ecosystem.


NASA seeks industry input on SEWP contract update

NASA is calling for feedback on a draft request for proposals for the latest iteration of its popular governmentwide acquisition contract that helps agencies quickly get their hands on emerging technologies.


HHS looks to improve cybersecurity coordination

The agency is utilizing a relaunched cybersecurity coordination center and additional programs to significantly ramp up interactions with key partners, a top official said.


CISA's CDM program gears up for a new era in cyber defense

How a cornerstone cybersecurity program has evolved from information collection to active defense.


CISA plans new 'secure-by-design' guidance

The nation’s cyber defense agency is continuing to drive a major effort to shift security responsibilities from users to software providers.


CISA seeks vendor commitments to boost cybersecurity in K-12 schools

The nation’s cyber defense agency is building onto White House efforts to secure schools' systems nationwide with the help of major education software companies.


CDM policies provide a vital shield against climate-driven cyberattacks, experts say

Cybercriminals are increasingly leveraging extreme weather events to launch attacks on critical infrastructure sectors.


Russian cyber group unleashes new malware campaign on Ukrainian military targets

A new report says a cyber threat actor within Russia’s military intelligence service leveraged a novel malware campaign targeting Android devices used by the Ukrainian military.


Chinese hackers targeted government entities and thwarted recovery efforts, report says

The cybercrime group evaded remediation efforts by installing persistent backdoors and deploying “new and novel malware.”


US water infrastructure ‘unsustainable’ amid rapidly evolving crisis, report warns

The United States is facing an unsustainable demand for water and lacks the security posture to defend the nation’s water systems from emerging threats, according to a new report.


More than 1,000 federal system flaws fixed via CISA's bug reporting platform

The nation’s cyber defense agency is scaling up a key program that gives federal agencies a chance to remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.


New bill would require all federal contractors to develop vulnerability disclosure policies

The Federal Cybersecurity Vulnerability Reduction Act aims to establish standardized vulnerability disclosure policies across all federal contractors. 


North Korean hackers poised to cash out $40 million in bitcoin after crypto heists, FBI warns

The law enforcement agency says it has been tracking large volumes of cryptocurrency stolen by North Korean hackers during a summer of high-profile cyber heists.

Digital Government

‘Legacy mindset' a key obstacle to effective data governance, Energy official says

The newly appointed chief data officer for the Department of Energy argued advancements in enterprise data and analytics programs will require a cultural shift around data ownership. 


CISA prioritizing on-site K-12 cybersecurity reviews this school year

The nation’s cyber defense agency is aiming to work with schools “where they’re at instead of where they should be.” 


CISA conducts largest annual election security drills amid threats targeting voting systems

The nation’s cyber defense agency hosted a three-day election security exercise with state, local and federal officials ahead of the 2024 race.


White House names new deputy chief technology officer for policy

Austin Bonner joins White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, though the position of U.S. CTO has not been filled since 2021.


Defense Digital Service elevates top deputy to serve as director

Jennifer Hay will lead the Defense Department’s in-house team of software engineers and data scientists.


The White House is developing a 10-year modernization plan to replace legacy IT

The National Cybersecurity Strategy tasks the Office of Management and Budget with creating a plan to eliminate all vulnerable legacy systems from federal agencies within a decade.