CIO Briefing

White House Lays Out Digital Tools for Presidential Transition

Obama commits to social media sharing finale before January departure.


Timing Glitch in DATA Act Makes It Impossible for IGs to Meet Reporting Deadline

Agencies won't have spending reports ready until 2017, so watchdogs get extension on reviewing those reports.

CIO Briefing

IRS Dropped $12M on an Email System It Couldn’t Use

Inspector general faults procurement process for multiyear cloud subscriptions.

CIO Briefing

Some Agencies Are Making Headway on Luring Millennials

Senate panel bemoans lengthy time-to-hire and still burdensome USAJOBS site.

CIO Briefing

OMB Will Revamp Payment Accuracy Website

House members demand better data, more progress on curbing improper payments.

IT Modernization

Former Clinton IT Aide Describes Destruction of Old Devices as Routine

Three witnesses plead the fifth at hearing on State Department email vulnerabilities.


IRS Says Cybercriminals Nabbed Info on 100K Taxpayers

Agency sends warning to 200,000 taxpayers, half of whom will be credit monitored.

CIO Briefing

Not Everyone Loves the DATA Act

Some agency employees fear an added workload for the transparency cause.

Health IT

Inside the Tech Team Fixing the Obamacare Website

Time article provides rich insight into the intersection of Silicon Valley and Washington culture.

CIO Briefing

GSA’s Crowdsourcing Website Named Finalist for Innovation Award

Multi-agency distressed neighborhood initiative also highlighted among 600 applicants.

Emerging Tech

Managing the Message in the Middle East

Davin Hutchins helps a VOA offshoot tap the Arab world’s digital progress.

CIO Briefing

Federal CIO, CTO Defend Progress Fixing Obamacare Website

The balky site can now handle 17,000 insurance shoppers per hour, administration officials said.

CIO Briefing

White House Expands Guidance on Promoting Open Data

Agencies get specifics on goals for creating machine-readable formats.


New TV Show on Agencies Spotlights Information Technology

WJLA’s Sunday morning ‘Government Matters’ is aimed at feds, contractors.