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Edward Snowden Reportedly Now Has a Job Doing Tech Support

The NSA leaker will start his mysterious new job Friday, his lawyer says.


Turkey's Government Doesn't Understand Its Digital Enemy

The Turkish government has incurred the wrath of Anonymous and the Syrian Electronic Army.


Turkey Is Now Arresting Dozens for Using Twitter

At least 25 people have been arrested this week for messages of protest, perhaps centered on a few videos or one photo, that they've posted on the social network.

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The U.N. Will Not Stand for Killer Robots

Many U.N. advocates would rather trust a human to pull a trigger than leave it to a machine set to autopilot.

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Is Big Pharma Standing in the Way of Curing the New SARS?

The developing disease has been described by the World Health Organization as "a threat to the entire world."


China Doesn't Care if Its 'Digitalized' Military Cyberwar Drill Scares You

The drill is taking place on a large military training field and not some underground hack-a-thon bunker.


China Is Winning the Cyber War Because They Hacked U.S. Plans for Real War

Chinese cyberthieves have targeted the backbone of some of the U.S. military's most important defense technology.

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The New SARS-Like Virus Has a French Connection, and It Spreads in a Hospital

Infected French man was traveling from Dubai, where no cases of the disease have even been reported.

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What We Don't Know About the Deadly New SARS-like Virus

The disease has a mortality rate to 16 deaths among 24 known infections.

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China Thinks Its Bird Flu Might Be Spreading from Human to Human

With 82 reported infections, China's health experts are searching for answers.

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Who's Using Chemical Weapons in Syria Now?

Opposition forces and the Syrian regime agree that there was an attack in the dangerous Aleppo province involving chemical weapons.

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The Army Doesn't Want You to See the Results of Its Shady PTSD Probe

The Army has refused to release the results of the Madigan inquiry, and attempts to get the report through Freedom of Information Act requests have all been denied.


China Says U.S. Is on Offense in Hacking Attacks on Defense Ministry

The Chinese Ministry of Defense has a report stating the U.S. hacked two vital military sites.


Anonymous Wants to Ruin Your State of the Union Livestream

The do-gooder hacking collective wants to black out the speech for several reasons.

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Are Spy Drones Being Used to Find Fugitive Christopher Dorner?

If it's true, Dorner wouldn't be the first human target on American soil.

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North Korean video imagines what it would be like to wipe out a U.S. city

The rogue country has produced a propaganda film involving the rocket launch conducted in December.

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You might want to be prepared for two North Korean nuclear tests

Based on satellite surveillance, South Korean officials have determined there's activity at a second underground tunnel at Punggye-ri.

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Here’s the North Korea nuclear site they’re trying to hide from the world

Analysis showed a camouflage net placed over the tunnel entrance to the testing facility.