Edward Snowden Reportedly Now Has a Job Doing Tech Support

The NSA leaker will start his mysterious new job Friday, his lawyer says.

Edward Snowden's lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, won't say whether his client is still in Russia, but he has assured us that some prominent Russian website has decided to give the notorious NSA leaker a job in tech support.  "Kucherena told the RIA Novosti news agency Thursday that Snowden starts his new job on Friday," the AP reports. Kucherena added, "it's a major Russian website." Snowden's temporary asylum lets him work in Russia, Reuters reported in August. 

Taking Kucherena at his word, that major Russian website, whichever one it may be, would be taking a chance on associating itself with Snowden, since the man still faces espionage charges in the United States. Also, anyone who's been paying attention to the news cycle in the last six months should have some sense of this guy's track record when it comes to company secrets. 

So who's Snowden's new employer? "The most public candidate for Snowden's services so far has been VK — Russia's answer to Facebook — which offered the NSA whistleblower a job back in August," The Verge writes. But that job offer had the odor of publicity stunt to it, as it was a public offer from the one of site's founders, and Kucherena seems a bit gun-shy now. VK wasn't the only offer though. In August, Kucherena told The New Republic, "I have to say he's getting a lot of job offers coming in. Offers from journalists to work together, and the like. I've passed them on to him, he'll make the decision himself." And now, apparently he has.