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Abby Ohlheiser


Apple, Facebook, and Other Tech Companies Will Disclose More About Government Data Requests

But that doesn't mean that every government request for data will become public knowledge.

Emerging Tech

Watch Live: NASA Astronauts Take a Spacewalk to Repair the ISS

Astronauts Steve Swanson and Rick Mastracchio will install a backup computer on the exterior of the International Space Station.

CIO Briefing

Google Just Bought the Drone Company that Facebook Had Its Eye On

The drone maker will help Google with its "Project Loon" initiative, which looks to provide internet access to remote areas.


What You Need to Know About Heartbleed, the New Security Bug Scaring the Internet

You'll have to change all of your passwords, and temporarily avoid any site known to be vulnerable.

Emerging Tech

Mars Photo Probably Shows a 'Cosmic Ray Hit,' Not an Underground Alien Base

NASA's Curiosity transmits Martian landscape image with a curious light in the distance.

IT Modernization

FCC Votes to Review Its Ban on In-Flight Calls

Commission votes 3-2 to revisit the decades-old rule.

CIO Briefing

Can Software Be Patented? The Supreme Court Might Finally Settle the Issue

Court agrees to hear CLS Bank International's challenge to a financial software patent.

CIO Briefing

White House Staffer Fired for Running a Trollish Twitter Account

Man behind @NatSecWonk was fired for a feed that included criticisms and internal information.


NSA's Massive New Data Center Experiences Major Electrical Failures

The Utah center has suffered 10 meltdowns over 13 months.


Brazil's Strategy to Evade the NSA Involves Buying a New Satellite

U.S. intelligence has collected Brazilian emails, phone calls, and texts in bulk.


The NSA Pays Some American Companies for Network Access

Companies who provide the agency access to their communications networks are often paid for their trouble.

CIO Briefing

NSA Can't Stop Inadvertently Collecting Domestic Emails

Programs go back further and cover more territory than previously thought, report says.

Emerging Tech

NASA's Planet-Hunting Telescope Will Never Hunt Planets Again

The space agency has given up on repair attempts to the Kepler Telescope.

CIO Briefing

Leaked NSA Audit Found Agency Broke Privacy Rules 'Thousands' of Times

New information raises fresh concerns about surveillance oversight.

CIO Briefing

NSA Will Replace Potential Snowdens With Computers

Agency to eliminate 90 percent of systems administrators who monitor networks.


The White House Doesn't Like the House's Data Mining Amendment

Administration opposes effort to 'hastily dismantle one of our intelligence community's counterterrorism tools,' statement says.