White House Staffer Fired for Running a Trollish Twitter Account

Man behind @NatSecWonk was fired for a feed that included criticisms and internal information.

A White House official who manned a kind of trollish Twitter account well-known in DC's national security circles lost his job last week after being outed. Jofi Joseph, also known as @NatSecWonk, was fired for running a feed that, among other things, includes criticism of and internal information from the Obama administration. And, being mean to reporters. Which could partially explain why the Daily Beast'sJosh Rogin took the time to track down the name after the account disappeared from Twitter last week. Joseph apologized for the content of his account later Tuesday evening. 

@NatSecWonk's bio from the now-deleted account read "Unapologetically says what everyone else only thinks. A keen observer of the foreign policy and national security scene. I'm abrasive and bring the snark." The account was also known for its pretty mean-spirited personal insults.

Read some samples of the insults and the full stroy at TheAtlanticWire.com.