CIO Briefing

FAA: Please Don't Shoot Down the Drones

Colorado town considers hunting permits for drones.


MIT Delays the Release of Aaron Swartz's Secret Service File

File could expose the identities of employees who assisted in the prosecution of the activist, university argues.


There's a Zombie-Like Security Flaw in Almost Every Android Phone

99 percent of Android mobiles are potentially vulnerable, according to security startup.


The Stuxnet Leaker Might Be the General Credited with Getting It Started

Retired Marine Gen. James Cartwright presented the idea to the White House.


The Army Has Partially Blocked Access to The Guardian

Blocking public access to classified information is routine, spokesperson says.

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How the CIA Aided the NYPD's Surveillance Program

After the attacks on September 11th, the New York Police Department has had at least four embedded CIA officers in their midst.

CIO Briefing

The U.S. Will Retire Most of the Chimpanzees Used for Research

Only 50 chimps will be kept for biomedical research in the future.

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Video: The 'Google Earth' of 3D Brain Maps is Here

"Big Brain" is the first high-res, 3D digital model of the human brain.

Emerging Tech

We All Need to Help NASA Find Killer Asteroids

The agency's Grand Challenge, asks everyone to compete to figure out the best way to detect and study earth-threatening asteroids.

Emerging Tech

Half of NASA's New Class of Astronauts Are Women

The new possible spacepeople were chosen from a pool of over 6,000 applicants

CIO Briefing

How Yahoo Fought PRISM — and Lost

2008 case had an effect on other Silicon Valley companies.


Chinese Hackers Spied on the 2008 Elections, Too

Hackers accessed internal data from both the McCain and Obama campaigns.

CIO Briefing

Vaccine Exemptions Could Help Make Whooping Cough a Thing Again

Data from New York state's Department of Health indicates the percentage of parents opting out of at least one mandatory vaccination has doubled.

IT Modernization

Lisa Jackson, Former EPA Chief, Works for Tim Cook Now

Jackson stepped down at the end of 2012 from the EPA after a series of political disasters.

Emerging Tech

NASA's Plan to Lasso an Asteroid is Making Progress

Agency has a prototype of the ion propulsion engine, and they'd like to test it next year.

Emerging Tech

NASA's Mission to Find Earth-Like Planets Might Be Over

Two of the wheels that control the direction in which the spacecraft points are broken.