IRS' Use of Special Hiring Authorities Could Be Leading to Skills Gaps, IG Says

The agency has been using emergency authorities to meet staffing goals, but may be compromising on the quality of new hires as a result, according to an inspector general report.

IRS Needs Cybersecurity Tools to Secure Its COBOL Apps

The tax collection agency runs some of the oldest IT systems in government and needs cybersecurity tools to match.

Here Are the Pioneering Women who Will Be on New Quarters

Beginning in 2022, women’s faces will appear on quarters for the first time, and the public will help choose who will be minted.

Treasury Office Seeks Tools to Trace Cryptocurrency Linked to Sanctions List

The department’s Office of Global Targeting is looking for multiple tools to track the flow of virtual currencies and user behaviors.

New Treasury Office Will Oversee Covid Relief and Recovery Programs

Billions in state and local government aid is part of the office's portfolio.

The Hack Roundup: White House Sanctions Russia over SolarWinds

Agencies involved in response also issued advisories on the hackers' tactics while Microsoft offered federal customers free trials of an auditing tool.

Treasury’s $1B Cloud Contract Aimed at Single Cloud Broker

Contracting officials released a new clarification document as the department continues preliminary work on a broad cloud management contract.

IRS Offers First Look at $2.6B Contract Touching All Its IT Systems

The new Enterprise Development, Operations Services contract will include developing new systems and improving the efficiency of existing applications.

Treasury Bureau to Outfit Onsite Employees with Contact-Tracing Wearables

The goal is to proactively prevent COVID-19 outbreaks within its facilities.

The Hack Roundup: Justice Department Confirms Email Breach

During an extraordinary day of unrest in the Capitol, here are the news and updates you may have missed.

The Hack Roundup: Treasury Briefing Reignites Encryption Debate

Here are the news and updates you may have missed.

Massive Hack Roundup: Microsoft Says Breach 'Not Espionage as Usual'

Here are the news and updates you may have missed.

Reports: Suspected Russian Hackers Breach Commerce, Treasury Departments 

U.S. officials are investigating what data may have been stolen and whether the hack is more widespread.

Federal Government Runs Deficit for 13th Consecutive Month

The federal government continues to run monthly budget deficits in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Treasury Asks if External Cyber Acts Qualify for Terrorism Risk Insurance Program

A request for comment reflects recommendations made by the Cyberspace Solarium Commission.

IG: Treasury’s IT Challenges Persist But No More So Than Other Agencies

Three projects were identified as having a medium risk of failure due to cost and schedule overruns.

Critical Update: What a Treasury Office is Learning from Its Blockchain Projects

That’s not the only emerging technology the Fiscal Service Bureau’s innovation office is experimenting with.