Watchdog: Department CIOs Are Getting More Authority But Compliance Is Uneven

A partial GAO review showed agency IT leaders are likely getting a say on budget issues, but some lack the documentation to prove it.

Watchdog: IRS Declined to Patch Known Weakness Ahead of Tax Day Crash

An inspector general report says the agency opted not to go with an untested patch based on a contractor’s recommendation.

Here’s What Treasury’s Data Lab Found in 10 Years of Federal Contracting Data

Year after year, 6 to 8 percent of contract spending is obligated in the final week of the fiscal year.

Auditor Dings CFPB Complaint System for Poor Identity Management

The system is doing better on patching vulnerabilities and continuously monitoring activity for anomalies.

Security Gaps Could Let Hackers Edit Government Spending Data, Watchdog Says

New and old flaws in systems at a Treasury Department bureau added up to “a significant deficiency,” according to the Government Accountability Office.  

Deterring Russian Hacking Will Take More Than Latest Sanctions, Experts Say

The sanctions aim to pressure Russian oligarchs to pressure Putin in turn, but it will be a long time before behavior changes.

Treasury Builds Data Lab To Inspire ‘Better Data, Better Decisions, Better Government’

The Data Transparency Office went beyond the DATA Act mandate to build visualizations showing where agencies’ $500 billion in contract spending goes each year.

Treasury Office Wants Security For the Cloud From the Cloud

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is conducting market research on two cloud security schemas, each of which could lead to a solicitation down the road.

U.S. Fears China Winning on 5G if Broadcom Gets to Take Over Qualcomm

Broadcom’s hostile takeover attempt would mark the largest-ever tech acquisition in history.

Treasury Managers Stress Teamwork in Major IT Upgrade

Cloud services award will come Wednesday amid Trump budget uncertainty.

Obama Sanctions Russia for Election Hacking

The sanctions target Russian intelligence leaders. Obama also expelled 35 Russian diplomats in the U.S.

The Progress and Pitfalls of Government's Open Data Efforts

It’s one thing to put the data out there for the public to consume or to potentially spark new industries; it’s another to standardize those data sets.

GAO: Expect Delays in DATA Act Financial Reporting

The mechanics of reporting that data are messy, a watchdog report finds, and officials at least in one agency think they might miss the deadline.

GAO: OMB, Treasury Don't Monitor DATA Act Enough

A new GAO report concludes the lack of oversight could lead agencies to incompletely report finances.

Treasury Finalizes Guide to DATA Act Standards

The DATA Act requires federal agencies to publish their spending data.

Watchdog: Agencies Need More Guidance Before They Can Implement DATA Act

"Agencies run the risk of reporting data that cannot be aggregated governmentwide," according to GAO.

Treasury’s Revamp Might Be Bumpy, Official Says

Treasury's online federal spending tracker might still have some kinks by May 2017.