Coast Guard Must Address Cyber Workforce Needs, Watchdog Says

The agency is only fully implementing seven out of 12 best practices, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Over Half of Operating Systems at VA Medical Center in Texas are Outdated, Watchdog Finds

An audit conducted by the VA’s Office of Inspector General found unaddressed security vulnerabilities and deficient devices at the Harlingen VA Health Care Center.

HHS Needs to Ensure Telehealth Patients and Providers Understand Privacy Risks

An oversight report underscored the need for improved patient privacy and security disclosures following the pandemic-related telehealth boom.

Public Health Data Still Facing Challenges Despite Previous Recommendations, Watchdog Says

The Government Accountability Office highlighted deficiencies in common data standards, interoperability and public health IT infrastructure.

Watchdog Identifies Multiple Security Deficiencies at VA Medical Center in Louisiana

The VA’s Office of Inspector General found “critical and high-risk vulnerabilities on 37% of the devices” at the Louisiana-based medical center.

VA ‘Moving Toward Full Compliance’ With Geospatial Data Law, Watchdog Finds

The VA’s Office of Inspector General found said the agency is noncompliant with three of the law’s requirements but is currently in the process of addressing its deficiencies.

Nuclear Weapon Development and Manufacturing Needs More Cybersecurity, Watchdog Says

The National Nuclear Security Administration, its contractors and subcontractors need to take cyber steps, according to a new report.

DOD’s Digital Threats Are Increasingly Interconnecting, Watchdog Warns

GAO identified six areas that require more oversight, as Defense warfighting operations and national security increasingly hinge on data security.

VA Official Has 'Deep Concerns' About Agency's EHR Deployment

But leadership at the agency pushed back against projected cost overruns and delays moving forward.

Is it Time to Add IT Workforce Ratings to the FITARA Scorecard?

A new report from ACT-IAC recommends changes to the biannual FITARA scorecard, including adding a category measuring IT workforce capabilities.

Interior’s Body Camera Policy is not Finalized Despite Years of Use, Watchdog Says

Not all Department of Interior bureaus using body cameras have finalized and implemented their policies, which often were not in compliance with the agency’s overall policy or standards.

Federal Action is Needed to Protect Consumer Data, New Report Says

The Government Accountability Office said Congress should enact ‘comprehensive legislative changes’ to address privacy issues around the collection and use of personal data.

NASA Needs to Improve Artemis Mission Guidance, Watchdog Says

The report found that NASA is following scheduling intended for individual programs, rather than full-blown missions.

GSA Should be Sharing Government Office Utilization Data, Watchdog Says

The data can help other government agencies plan how much workspace is needed in a post-pandemic world.

Housing Agency Didn't Complete Cyber Orders From DHS, Report Says

The agency said that some of its websites failed to comply with binding operational directives from the Department of Homeland Security.

China Could Overtake US in Space Without ‘Urgent Action,’ Warns New Pentagon Report

America needs a long-term goal in space to be able to compete with Beijing, Pentagon industrial-base group writes.

DHS’s Intelligence Information Security Program is ‘Ineffective,’ According to Watchdog

The OIG made two recommendations to address issues it found in the department’s security program.