Why Agencies Aren’t Buying More Electric Vehicles

Federal fleets are getting more energy-efficient, but officials said electric vehicles aren’t viable at this time.

Senior Justice Official Caught Watching Porn on Government Computer

The then-deputy assistant attorney general resigned after investigators found a trove of sexually explicit content on their computer.

VA’s Health Records Digitization Backlog Is 5 Miles High

Staff at Veterans Affairs medical facilities aren’t keeping up with the backlog of paper records that need to be digitized, with some outstanding documents dating back to 2016.

Defense Department Inaction Is Hurting Effort to Improve Pentagon Efficiency

Officials are nearly two years late in meeting some congressional requirements, a watchdog found.

The Army is Falling Behind on Staffing Cyber Units, GAO Says

As of March, the cyber and electronic warfare units the Army deployed last year had less than 40% of their combined positions filled.

Energy Department Never Blacklists Risky Nuclear Tech Vendors, GAO Says

The process is too time-consuming and narrow to be effective, according to officials at the National Nuclear Security Administration.

GAO Wants Tech to Shed Light on the Commercial Offices It Rents

The agency is inviting interested small business vendors to submit a quote by early September.

Postal Service Watchdog Finds New Vulnerability During Security Audit

The inspector general warned exposure could “have a serious negative impact to the Postal Service brand.”

Will Hurd, The Most Vocal Lawmaker on Federal IT Issues, Won’t Seek Reelection

The three-term congressman plans to keep pushing on government IT issues from the private sector.

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You’re Probably Not Getting $125 from Equifax Claims, FTC Warns

A rapid influx of claims is already exhausting the $31 million fund for payouts. 

Agencies Should Be More Transparent About Public Comments, GAO Says

By defining and disclosing how they handle commenters’ information, agencies could help combat identity fraud and other abuses, auditors said.

Agencies Still Falling Short on Cyber Standards, GAO Says

Despite thousands of watchdog recommendations and a growing array of digital threats, agencies are still dropping the ball on cybersecurity, auditors found.

Watchdog Uncovers Cyber Gaps at Radioactive Waste Facility

The Energy Department failed to secure the site in line with federal cyber standards.

Small Agencies Need Shared Services Providers to Step Up DATA Act Support

Large departments are assisting smaller agencies in meeting their DATA Act requirements through shared services providers. But that help isn’t always so helpful.

OIG: Beware of Fraud Ring Scamming Equipment by Posing as Federal Buyers

Their preferred way to swindle laptops, hard drives and smartphones is by fax.

IRS Still Has Dozens of Cyber Fixes to Make From Last Year

Numerous security deficiencies in the agency’s IT ecosystem could leave data on millions of taxpayers at risk, according to the Government Accountability Office.