Consumer Product Safety Commission Employees Want to Telework at Least Twice Per Week Post-Pandemic

Commission staff and leadership report higher productivity during mass telework and more benefits than drawbacks.

GAO Recommends VA Pause EHR Deployment to Resolve Issues

The Veterans Affairs Department told auditors it will move on with deployments while addressing test findings. 

IG: DHS Lacks Effective Privacy Oversight

While the agency had six major privacy incidents, the privacy office fell short in numerous areas.

SBA Relaunches COVID Loan Program As Watchdog Warns About Possible Fraud 

The recent COVID relief package included funding for a third round of the program, which has come under much scrutiny. 

Government Watchdogs Launch Cyber-Threat Sharing Assessment

In the wake of the recent hack, Microsoft President Brad Smith said contractual obligations hurt cross-government sharing following breaches.

GAO: Bid Protests Down 2% in 2020

For a second straight year, the Government Accountability Office dealt with fewer bid protests.

10 of 15 of DOD’s Major IT Projects Are Behind Schedule, GAO Found

Lack of talent is one of the key reasons Defense officials cited for shortfalls implementing cybersecurity best practices. 

IG: Last Major CBP System Outage Caused By Code Defect Known for 2 Years

The customs agency could have avoided an August 2019 system outage—and hours of delays for travelers—with better patch management and employee training on backup procedures.

The Hack Roundup: Treasury Briefing Reignites Encryption Debate

Here are the news and updates you may have missed.

GAO Issues ‘Wake-Up Call’ Report on Agencies’ Lax Supply Chain Security Management

The bottom line is that none of the 23 agencies audited fully implemented foundational risk management practices. 

Pentagon Risks Falling Short on Electromagnetic Spectrum Goals, GAO Finds

The Defense Department needs to improve governance and oversight of EMS strategies in order to maintain operational control, according to a new audit.

DHS IG Opens Probe into Warrantless Cellphone Tracking

The investigation is in response to a Congressional inquiry about Customs and Border Protection getting location data from phones.

GAO: AI Promising in Health Care, but Challenges Remain

The nascent technology is leading to positive health care outcomes, but issues may impede widespread adoption.

The Defense Department IG Outlined the Pentagon’s Top Challenges. Here’s Where Tech Fits In.

Two new challenges added this year focus on technological dominance and data as a strategic asset. Tech like hypersonics, microelectronics, AI, 5G and biotechnology were also highlighted.

GAO Offers Best Practices in Telework for Agencies

Congressional watchdogs highlight how agencies should—safely and securely—telework.

State Department Facing 'Significant' Information Security Issues, OIG Says

Information security and management was one of seven major management and performance issues the State Department faced in fiscal year 2020.