Agencies’ FISMA implementation is still ‘mostly ineffective,’ watchdog says

The Government Accountability Office found that less than half of surveyed federal agencies had compliant security programs and called for improved performance metrics.


Watchdog finds ‘sufficient’ cyber threat sharing at agencies, but barriers remain

The Intelligence Community Inspector General’s biennial update on cybersecurity information sharing noted that progress has been made over the past two years, but some agencies reported running up against roadblocks.

Artificial Intelligence

Who is an AI worker? The Pentagon needs a better definition, GAO says

The Pentagon “can't fully identify who is part of its AI workforce or which positions require personnel with AI skills,” according to a new congressional watchdog report.

Digital Government

GSA is at a ‘critical juncture’ to salvage faith in TTS, agency watchdog warns

GSA’s inspector general says that it’s “trying to prevent the next” — referencing a bombshell oversight report on GSA’s single sign-on service issued earlier this year.


TMF’s planned cost savings have been ‘minimal’ in reality, GAO finds

The original intent of the revolving fund anticipated repayments on finished projects replenishing the pool for new ones. In reality, such repayments have been slow and slim.

Artificial Intelligence

GAO to release landmark AI report

The report provides a baseline for the use of artificial intelligence across major non-defense federal agencies and how they are meeting existing requirements.


20 federal agencies miss deadline for implementing cyber incident tracking requirements, watchdog says

The Government Accountability Office found that just three federal agencies were in compliance with the Office of Management and Budget’s advanced cyber event logging requirements.

Emerging Tech

VA creates new monitoring system after glitch affects more than 120,000 veterans’ claims

Officials from the Department of Veterans Affairs said they’re creating a new system to notify officials “within 24 hours” of any issues affecting electronically filed claims.


ICE’s ‘outdated and overly permissive’ device policy left the agency vulnerable, watchdog warns

A spring audit of agency mobile devices found several banned and outdated applications installed on personnel and contractor smartphones.


FBI’s new headquarters plan was not influenced by the Trump White House, watchdog says

An inspector general report four years in the making found that FBI officials nixed a plan to move its headquarters to suburban Washington, D.C., for reasons not related to alleged political pressure from the Trump administration. 


'Give us the data,' oversight and anti-fraud experts tell lawmakers

Expert witnesses again implored lawmakers to make an existing data analytics center permanent and set up new data powers to combat fraud.


GAO urges EPA to make a plan for its ‘difficult’ and ‘outdated’ air quality IT systems

The systems in question are each nearly 30 years old and can be "difficult to maintain, access and use."

Digital Government

Pandemic unemployment fraud as high as $135B, watchdog says

The Government Accountability Office's new estimate underscores the urgency of modernizing state-based unemployment insurance systems.


FDIC needs to sharpen its cyberthreat sharing with financial institutions, OIG says

Despite recent improvements, a watchdog report claims the agency still has more it can do to make threat-sharing policies more effective. 


GAO: USDA violated the Anti-Deficiency Act while planning its relocation of science agencies

House Democrats renewed calls to institute tighter regulation of agency relocations in light of the watchdog agency's findings.


Pentagon’s termination of MyTravel program receives bipartisan criticism

The Pentagon’s reasons for reverting back to its legacy Defense Travel System after seven months “don’t add up,” according to Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C.

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Whistleblower alleges government coverup of UFO sightings, recovery efforts

Former intelligence official turned whistleblower David Grusch told lawmakers that the federal government has conducted “a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program” that has collected “non-human” remains.


Want to track pandemic relief spending? Data problems make that difficult, committee says

“These challenges limit the degree of transparency into the use of pandemic relief funds,” a new report from the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee says.

Digital Government

Records agency to DHS: Look into your watchdog’s use of text messages 

This comes after a hearing two weeks ago that raised concerns among some lawmakers about how the IG uses and retains records of electronic messages. 


DOD lacks performance targets, cybersecurity plans on some major IT programs, GAO says

The watchdog found that within the Defense Department’s 25 major IT business programs, more than half did not fully report whether they’d achieved intended targets.