Lawmakers seek action on pressing spectrum issues

Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle said Congress should immediately reauthorize the Federal Communications Commissions' spectrum auction capabilities and take steps to make more federally operated spectrum available for commercial use.

Biden nominates FCC, NTIA chiefs

President Joe Biden filled out his technology and telecom team with three key nominations on Tuesday.

DOD looks to kickstart 5G competition

The Defense Department is looking to expand its 5G exploration to include a new network of technologies with a competitive challenge.

Hack at Treasury and Commerce spurs emergency order from CISA

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issued an emergency directive late Sunday night after reported breaches at two cabinet agencies. The Department of Homeland Security, CISA's parent agency, also has reportedly been breached.

DOD agrees to spectrum sharing deal

An expert panel convened by the Defense Department has offered 100 megahertz of mid-band spectrum to share with commercial networks looking to build up U.S. 5G capacity.

NTIA looks to secure more 5G spectrum

DOD and DHS radar spectrum could be next candidate for shared commercial use, according to a new NTIA study.

NTIA backs Pentagon on Ligado 5G license

The Commerce Department is asking the Federal Communications Commission to reverse a plan to permit a commercial 5G provider to set up shop in spectrum adjacent to the global positioning system.

Lawmakers want probe of spectrum management 'breakdown'

The chairman and ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee leaders request a review of federal spectrum management.

Rip and repay?

The federal government is pushing U.S. telecoms to take out gear from Huawei and other Chinese companies that may threaten their networks, but who is going to pay for the work?

NSA official: 'Dumb' software supply chain attacks still prevalent

Vulnerabilities in the software supply chain may represent a larger cybersecurity threat over the long haul than threats to physical hardware.

After 10 years, shared spectrum goes live

Almost a decade in the making, a frequency sharing program involving Defense Department spectrum and commercial users is open for business.

5G advocates look to spectrum sharing

Federal agencies see increasing opportunity and value in sharing their spectrum, rather than holding on to it.

NTIA wants agencies to review spectrum

With an eye to long-term policy, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration wants more data on federal agency use of spectrum in two key bands.

NTIA looks to boost lasting spectrum plan

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is asking agencies for their 15-year plans when it comes to spectrum use.

What will a national data privacy law look like?

Lawmakers and industry increasingly support a federal data privacy law, but the devil is in the details.

GSA adds drone countermeasures to security schedule

The General Services Administration has added anti-drone technology to its product menu for federal, state and local law enforcement, first responders and agencies, but aviation and legal experts urge discretion.

NTIA blocks China Mobile's bid for U.S. presence

The NTIA tells the FCC that China Mobile is a potential national security threat if it is allowed to provide international services from the U.S.