The Pentagon is already testing tomorrow’s AI-powered swarm drones, ships

DOD pulled off unmanned amphibious landings, self-coding drones, and more just in the last year. What's next?

The military’s zero-trust plans are about to face a big test

An INDOPACOM exercise will test the military’s data-centric security strategy.

Tuberville says he'll drop hold on most military promotions

Alabama senator says he will keep the brakes on some of the most senior officers’ nominations.

Navy’s first cyber strategy looks beyond cybersecurity to digital operations

The military branch must “fully account for new realities presented by cyberspace and the information environment,” the inaugural strategy asserts.

Only 3D printing can get the Navy’s submarine plan back on track, admiral says

U.S. cannot build and support the subs it needs “without going to additive manufacturing.”

Navy’s 2-year-old robot task force eyes more AI

A 4th Fleet version of TF59 is in the works, and its lessons are headed to the Pacific as well.

Send me software, not hardware, Navy infowar leader says

“Boxes of computers” aren’t so helpful aboard space-limited ships, Rear Adm. Doug Small said.

The U.S. military is buying electric jet-ski robots

Tests will see whether battery-powered personal watercraft can help with search-and-rescue

An experiment showed that the military must change Its cybersecurity approach

The Defense Department’s current “checklist” approach can’t keep its networks safe.

A Navy cyber effort is fixing thousands of holes—and building tech talent

A 10th Fleet operation gives tech-curious reservists some training and a real-world mission.

AI is already learning from Russia’s war in Ukraine, DOD says

Today’s battlefield data is helping smart machines model the wars of the future.

Navy CIO touts NGEN's promise

Aaron Weis, the Navy's chief information officer, said the Navy is looking at "fundamental" architecture changes to make its network more agile and secure.

Defense officials press lawmakers for a 2022 appropriation

Defense officials warned lawmakers that some programs and tech efforts could be delayed or eliminated if Congress fails to pass a 2022 defense spending bill soon.

Navy Launches SCOUT To Expand AI Capabilities

The U.S. Navy’s SCOUT Experimentation aims to develop automated and emerging technologies into targeted problem areas among warfighters.

Grady talks spectrum, cyber concerns in nomination hearing

Adm. Christopher Grady told senators that Defense Department moves to free up swaths of spectrum would have consequences when it comes to operations, training, and readiness.