Microsoft Vet to Lead DHS Cyber and Infrastructure Division

Christopher Krebs has been acting chief of the cyber and infrastructure protection division since August.

What Inclusivity Really Means, From the Woman Who Held the Highest Tech Job in America

Megan Smith on how to enact “radical inclusion" and why high-level leaders should seek collaboration.

Trump Nominates Federal CIO

The president announced his choice to lead IT policy for the entire federal government.

Tech Is Central To Pentagon’s Management Reform

The new chief management officer, and his purview over IT, are part of bigger reform efforts at the Defense Department, according to a former official.

Trump Year Two Starts with Major Tech and Cyber Vacancies

Roughly one-quarter of agency CIOs and one-third of CISOs are serving on an acting basis one year into the Trump administration.

Pentagon Deputy Tapped For Powerful New Management Role

The chief management officer position would focus on business reform but include IT and data management responsibilities.

State CIOs Want Federal Agencies to Get Out of Their Way

NASCIO’s advocacy priorities cite duplicative and conflicting security regulations and audits as a waste of time and money.

Agencies Spent Billions on IT Without CIOs’ Approval in 2016

A lot of IT purchases slipped by acquisition offices too, the Government Accountability Office found.

4 Principles for Making Digital Transformations Work

Government agencies can complete effective digital transformations but it takes new technologies and management practices.

Congress on Collision Course Ahead of Shutdown Deadline

"Puntagon" bill to fund defense for a full year but non-defense for one month is a nonstarter, Democrats say.

New National Security Strategy Sees Rising Russia, Retreat on ‘Democratic Peace’

Donald Trump’s first strategy talks about threats and nation-state competition but also signals a reluctance to compete philosophically or morally.

All the Key Department of Homeland Security Positions Trump Has Left Unfilled

From the department’s chief of staff to literally every leadership position in its “Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction” office.

A Checklist for When It's Time to Quit a Job, From the Ethics Chief Who Walked Out Under Trump

Shaub served under three presidents. He resigned in July, six months before the expected end of his term.

Why Donald Trump Wants to Go Back to the Moon

It’s a promise that has been made by three previous presidents

The Woman Who Mentored 13 CEOs

She spent 36 years as an executive in the food industry, and over that time supervised a baker’s dozen of future chief executives.

How To Network At Conferences Even If You're Not a Natural

Don't miss out on the most valuable aspect of attending a conference.