IT Modernization

The State of the Federal Cloud

In this ebook, Nextgov looks at major cloud computing efforts across the civilian and defense space.

GSA Taps Tech Modernization Fund Chief

The fund figures to play an important role in helping agencies modernize IT.

How to Make Unemployment Insurance Work for Gig Workers

The share of workers who have traditional full-time jobs is shrinking but the ways to verify identity and income have not kept up.

Biden Administration Announces Tech Talent Fellowship Effort

The program is geared toward attracting young technologists to government work.

Why Open-Source Tech Holds the Key to Modernization

As “avoid vendor lock-in” eclipses “do more with less,” open source offers freedom to tailor mission-specific solutions and cherry-pick right-sized applications.

Government Should Embrace the Advantages of the MVP Approach

The MVP is meant to eliminate waste—save money and time that would otherwise be spent on fruitless ideas.

GSA’s First Centers of Excellence Customer Touts $50M in Cost Avoidance

After three years, the Agriculture Department launched a cloud office, consolidated contact centers and stood up more than a hundred dashboards.

Commerce Department Developing Massive IT Services Contract

The enterprise contract will support IT delivery at every level, including agencies like Census, NOAA and NIST.

NARA Plans to Expand Access to Digital Records Over the Next 5 Years

The draft 2022-2026 Strategic Plan looks toward a future of all-digital records and more equitable discovery and access for underserved communities.

TMF Board Still Accepting Governmentwide Cyber Proposals

Agencies have submitted more projects since a huge infusion of cash and a relaxing of the payback model.  

One A, One D in a Relatively Static FITARA Scorecard

Eighteen of 24 agencies received the same grade as in the previous FITARA scorecard.

Survey: Government’s Digital Channels Aren’t Meeting Needs

Governments worldwide have a digital service delivery problem, according to an international survey.

House Appropriators Offer $50M for TMF But White House Wants 10 Times That

The Office of Management and Budget said it’s received more than $2 billion in proposals since getting $1 billion from the American Rescue Plan.

Access Board Wants an Appropriately Accessible Records Management System

The independent agency in charge of enforcing accessibility wants to make sure its new electronic records system works for everyone.

House Bill Would Create Long-Awaited Software and Data Roles at Federal Agencies

The proposal would create new positions, including software development, software engineering and data scientists.