DOD’s IT Modernization Efforts Need Data Analytics, Workforce Upskilling

The latest report from the Government Accountability underscores Defense’s ongoing need to leverage resources, personnel, and performance markers to successfully modernize its IT infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence

MITRE Recommends Comprehensive Approach to Modernize Legacy Systems

The recommendations focus on executable actions for the Office of Management and Budget, agencies, Congress and industry .

Digital Government

Report: These 9 Trends are Reshaping Government in 2023

Technology and improved digital service delivery factor into many trends identified in a March report.

Digital Government

Lawmakers Need to Enhance VA’s Oversight of Oracle EHR Rollout or ‘Move On,’ Top Republican Says

House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chair Mike Bost, R-Ill., said Republicans and Democrats in both chambers of Congress are largely aligned “on what we know we want to fix and the problems that we’re seeing” with the deployment of VA’s new EHR system.

Digital Government

White House Budget Seeks to Bolster US Tech Development, Modernize Standards

The Biden administration’s fiscal year 2024 budget request would, in part, boost federal spending to address “the ongoing cyber threat” and “modernize services” across government.


2023: The Year of Modern Government

COMMENTARY | Governments will need to embrace a people-first approach in their modernization journeys.


NLRB Looks to Modernize Its Legal Case Management System

The agency will use responses to a request for information to help form its acquisition strategy.


5 Things Holding Innovation Back at the IRS

Believe it or not, the IRS has some budget and the will to modernize in the interest of public service.

Digital Government

Lawmakers Highlight Cyber, New Tech and Space in Proposed Spending Bill

The $1.7 trillion omnibus introduced by lawmakers on Tuesday would spur on investments in cutting-edge technologies, cyber defense and space during the 2023 fiscal year.


Omnibus Funding Bill Includes $50M for TMF, $90M for Citizen Services Fund

Funding levels for the tech modernization vehicles fell short of Biden administration requests.


Health and Human Services’ Civil Rights Division Looks to Overhaul Its Essential IT System

The agency filed a request for information to replace its 20-year old Program Information Management System for a new, modernized system to better manage filed discrimination or violation complaints.


House Modernization Leaders Have High Hopes for Tech Proposals, Even as Committee Disbands

The chair and vice chair of the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress told Nextgov they’re hopeful lawmakers will continue to advance their recommendations for improving congressional operations.

Emerging Tech

Almost 9 in 10 Federal Agencies Using or Considering 5G, Per Study

General Dynamics Information Technology’s survey of 500 federal employees identified concerns about costs, cyber risks and integration challenges when it comes to adopting 5G capabilities.

Digital Government

Government Makes Good Strides for Cloud Migration, Report Finds

According to the report, government and the public sector are strong in their cloud migration efforts, but lagging behind the private sector in other areas of digital modernization.


A Vision for Digital Transformation at VA

Solution-focused engineering and collaboration can address many of the key challenges VA is facing and facilitate practical solutions.


Can Service Meshes Help Bring Legacy Government Applications into Zero Trust?

The Biden administration’s imperative to move to zero trust could prove challenging for agencies with still-functional legacy systems.

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GSA’s Tech Shops Face $30M Deficit After Priority Change Last Year

The Technology Transformation Services dropped its long-standing cost-recovery goal last year in favor of better program delivery.


10 Must-Have Components for Every Successful Public Sector Technology Project

Changing political climates and leadership—as well as budget constraints—can add an extra layer of difficulty.