Counter Intelligence Chief Calls for Zero-Trust Software Supply Chain Policy

The official also said there’s a need for the fusion of responsibilities assigned to a trilogy of government agencies.

NSA Cyber Directorate Touts Election, Pandemic Security Work in 2020 Review

Anne Neuberger, NSA’s director of cybersecurity, said the agency “surged rapidly” to secure telework and protect networks used in vaccine development.

Defense, Intelligence Agencies Made Major Moves in Cloud in 2020

After bid protests and litigation, some of the largest cloud contracts the government has attempted can get underway. 

Trump Officials Deliver Plan to Split Up Cyber Command, NSA

An end to the “dual hat” arrangement has been debated for years — but the timing raises questions. The plan requires Milley's certification to move ahead.

Intel Agencies Seek to Perfect Biometric Recognition from Drones

Intelligence and military researchers want to merge facial recognition with other biometric methods to identify people from long distances and steep angles

NSA Warns That Russian Hackers Are Targeting Virtual Workspaces

The agency urges administrators to prioritize mitigation of a vulnerability affecting six VMware products.

Microsoft Unveils Top Secret Cloud for Government

The move comes among an array of other cloud-driving announcements.

Biden Team Highlights Cybersecurity Focus With First Cabinet Picks

Familiar faces will likely have to revisit efforts around information sharing and establishing global norms.

CIA Awards Secret Multibillion-Dollar Cloud Contract

The agency has awarded a contract to bring foundational cloud services from multiple cloud service providers into the intelligence community.

DHS, NSA Award Millions to Universities for Cybersecurity Workforce Development Plans

Agencies tasked with implementing a 2017 executive order envision a national network of technical institutes. 

NGA Offers Cash Prizes for Tech that Can Identify a Location By Its Sound

The agency intends to figure out whether specific locations can be distinguished using sound-based machine learning methods.

Iran Using Voter Data to Spoof Floridians, Warn U.S. Intelligence Leaders

Voting systems remain secure but Russia and Iran have obtained voter data, warn DNI Ratcliffe and FBI Director Wray.

Report: Establish CTOs in Every National Security Agency

A Center for American Progress report outlines what the next administration should do to improve foreign policy and national security in its first 100 days.

NSA Warns China Is Targeting Flaws in U.S. National Security Systems

The agency describes 25 known weaknesses that could be difficult for defenders of national security systems to overcome.

Pentagon Will Move Primary Biometrics Systems to Amazon Cloud

The move means at least two of the government's biggest biometrics databases will live in AWS clouds.

NSA Launches Diversity Initiative to Grow Bench of Job-Ready Cybersecurity Talent

Historically Black Colleges and Universities are in the political spotlight as policy makers describe deep benefits to expanding and diversifying the cybersecurity workforce.

CIA’s New Innovation Lab Could Mean Big Paydays for Federal Scientists

The agency is investing in cutting-edge technology and offering officials a chance to profit off their developments.