Justice Seeks to Stop Booz Allen's Everwatch Acquisition

The department's antitrust lawsuit says the transaction unfairly eliminates competition for providing signals intelligence modeling and simulation services to the National Security Agency.

Budding Spies Might Not Get Weeded Out for Past Drug Use

Activists say this would be a practical step to help ensure all the best candidates are getting considered for intelligence jobs. 

IARPA Researchers Want Immersive, 3D Imagery for Training and Simulation

The project seeks software and applications to enhance the intelligence community’s surveillance images.

FBI Announces New Intelligence Directorate Chief

Tonya Ugoretz formerly held the role of assistant director of the FBI’s cyber division.

U.S. Spy Chief Reiterates ‘Overclassification’ Concerns

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines testified Tuesday before the Senate.

NSA Re-awards Secret $10 Billion Contract to Amazon

Amazon Web Services beat out Microsoft for the contract after a bid protest battle.

IARPA previews busy research season

The agency’s long tech wish list includes capabilities that can predict human movement and new computing architectures to crunch its mountain of data.

AI in Government Hinges on Supportive Leadership and a “Glass Breaker” in Charge

Federal officials said that new technologies often need a “disrupter” responsible for breaking through bureaucratic obstacles.

The IC's 4-year Emerging Tech Investment Plan

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence's investment strategy aims to make it easier for companies to connect with program managers.

IARPA Project Aims to Identify People from Drones by More Than Just Their Face

“It'll be interesting to see in a year or two from now,” according to the program manager.

Russian Invasion Highlights Growing Importance of Open Source Intelligence

The Russian invasion of Ukraine demonstrates the practice’s real-time value.

Iran-Linked Hackers Conducting Operations Against Government Networks, Intel Agencies Warn

Iranian government-linked hackers may be using global circumstances to their advantage.

IARPA Seeks Ways to Track Nontrackable Space Junk

Right now, more than 100 million pieces of space debris smaller than 1 cm orbit Earth.

New App Tracks Terrorism-Linked Events in Local U.S. Communities

It marks an enhancement of the information-sharing capabilities the National Counterterrorism Center offered before.