Emerging Tech

IARPA’s new pants will record your location

The intelligence research agency is crafting smart clothing technology equipped with audio, video and geolocation sensors.


Oracle’s cloud network gains top secret approval with intelligence agencies

The IT services company received accreditation from the Intelligence Community to host Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information on its cloud infrastructure.

Digital Government

National intelligence strategy calls for new partnerships to harness emerging technologies

Federal agencies must collaborate with private sector partners and allies to better understand the implications of emerging technologies, according to the new strategy.


US can use tech as strategic tool to dissuade Chinese aggression, experts say

New and emerging technologies could bolster U.S. information-sharing capabilities as part of a strategic effort to combat Beijing’s aggressive posturing in the Indo-Pacific.

Artificial Intelligence

IARPA grapples with threats posed by generative AI

The intelligence agency is looking for insights about the vulnerabilities within large language models and how it can prevent false information from harming the analysts using them.

Emerging Tech

Whistleblower alleges government coverup of UFO sightings, recovery efforts

Former intelligence official turned whistleblower David Grusch told lawmakers that the federal government has conducted “a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program” that has collected “non-human” remains.


Get serious about data, US intelligence leaders tell agencies

ODNI’s new three-year plan aims to turn data-gathering from afterthought to key asset.

Digital Government

Worried that your TV is listening to you? IARPA wants to safeguard your voice

The intelligence community’s research agency wants to develop technology to anonymize voices recorded by electronic devices and help safeguard privacy.

Digital Government

How DISA plans to use its workforce to combat China and global adversaries

The Defense Information Systems Agency’s Workforce 2025 framework is designed to help the agency attract and retain a workforce that “adapts to the ever-changing landscape of IT and cyberspace.”

Emerging Tech

Digital Authoritarianism Poses ‘Critical Threat’ to National Security, Intel Chief Says

The top U.S. intelligence official said democratic nations need to develop frameworks that “preserve, to the greatest extent, the promise” of emerging tech that could be used by repressive regimes to censor or surveil citizens.


21-Year-Old Air Force IT Specialist Charged With Leaking Classified Security Documents

A team of Justice and FBI agents arrested 21-year-old Jack Teixeira in Massachusetts in connection with the widespread intel leak.


IARPA's plan to hack the brains of hackers

The intelligence research agency released a broad agency announcement on Tuesday for a program that looks to leverage psychological biases among hackers for cyber defense.

Artificial Intelligence

DIA's New China Mission Group to Track Threat Posed by AI Development

The Defense Intelligence Agency’s China Mission Group will be monitoring the country’s use of AI software and other technologies in a national security context.

Digital Government

Intelligence Threat Assessment Highlights Tech Vulnerabilities, Chinese Competition

The Senate’s annual hearing on national security threats underscored the importance of technology in this arena, particularly with growing competition and threats from China.


The great power pivot and the intelligence community

The shift from terrorism to great power competition means changes in tech, acquisition and private-sector partnerships.

Digital Government

NSA Bills Itself as a 'Soft Landing Place' for Laid off Tech Workers

The intelligence agency has been quietly moving over the past few months to recruit talented workers affected by the wave of layoffs at tech companies and startups.


Feds mull changes to cannabis questions on vetting forms

A plan to modernize intake forms for candidates for government service could include revisions to the type of questions asked about marijuana use.


A wireless intelligence community ‘on the horizon,' official says

Getting there is a matter of appropriately protecting data and tweaking policies to allow for wireless secret- and top-secret networks.


NGA wants industry info for cloud-based architecture plans

A proposed system would allow the agency to automate how it processes a range of data and shares it throughout the intelligence community.