Health Tech

Government Absence Leaves Big Tech to Steer Privacy for Contact Tracing Apps

Agency CISOs will have to weigh the ramifications of apps that could combine health and location data of federal employees, a security professional said.

The Army Wants a Wearable COVID-19 Detector

Due to the urgent need, the managing consortium has suspended some—but not all—of its members-only restrictions.

Senator Wants Details on Clearview AI’s Contact Tracing Pitches

Sen. Ed Markey wrote a letter to the controversial startup asking about its plans to use facial recognition technology to track patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Army Researchers Want Help Building Predictive COVID-19 Models For Use Across DOD

The research partner will be expected to immediately begin work on two modeling analyses and be agile enough to shift as priorities change.

As the Coronavirus Interrupts Global Supply Chains, People Have an Alternative: Make It at Home

The cost of 3D printers has dropped low enough to be accessible to most Americans.

IG: VA Knew Infrastructure Upgrades Wouldn’t Meet Timeline For March Health Records Rollout

Severe staffing shortages, infighting and lack of comprehensive planning for infrastructure improvements would have handicapped the multibillion-dollar project, the inspector general said.

Republican Lawmakers Propose Bill to Support Government COVID-19 Research Effort

The COVID Research Act includes several authorizations, including $50 million to the Energy Department.

Survey: 4 in 5 Americans Worried Pandemic Will Encourage Government Surveillance

Many Americans oppose intrusive technologies even if they’re intended to assist in the government’s response to coronavirus.

How South Korea Flattened the Coronavirus Curve with Technology

Two measures were critical in the country’s ability to flatten the curve: extensive testing for the disease and a national system for promptly and effectively tracking people infected with COVID-19.

Army Research Shows How Do-It-Yourself Facemasks Can Be as Safe as N95s

Personal protective equipment for hospital workers is running out. This design works as well as the best in class.

NASA Engineers Rapidly Create Ventilator Tailored to Treat COVID-19 Patients

The new device is under Food and Drug Administration review for emergency-use authorization.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing App Uses Bluetooth 'Garbage'

To work best, the app requires many people to use it, whether they have had COVID-19 or not.

VA and DOD Now Default to Sharing Patient Data with Private-Sector Providers

The joint electronic health records management office launched an information exchange program to make it easier to share patient data with thousands of “community partners.”

VA to Distribute Thousands of Facebook Portals to Vets and Caregivers in Isolation

The devices will be distributed in pairs to connect qualifying veterans and caregivers during the pandemic.

New App Uses QR Codes to Trace Coronavirus Exposure

A free, open-source smartphone app permits contact tracing for potential coronavirus infections while preserving privacy.

Medical Consortium Aims to Create Network of Virtual Critical Care Wards

The group seeks to support patients in need of critical care in hospitals and other ad-hoc locations using cloud-based communication technology.