HHS’ ‘Frequent and Significant Changes’ to COVID Data Reporting Left Hospitals Behind

Multiple updates to the rules and avenues for reporting critical pandemic-related capacity information left hospitals confused, overwhelmed and unable to comply.

Institutional Authority Has Vanished. Wikipedia Points to the Answer.

The crowdsourced reference site can teach the CDC how to communicate in an era of rumors and shifting information.

Lawmakers Push NIH for Answers About Deleted Coronavirus Data

Their inquiry comes as speculation about the virus’ origins continues to swirl.

Britney Spears’ Testimony Spurs Lawmakers to Question Federal Guardianship Data

They asked the Justice and Health and Human Services departments to provide more information about the legal arrangements.

White House, NIH Directors Weigh in on Proposed Health and Human Services Research Arm

The proposed $6.5 billion Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health will need a very specific work culture and an inspiring first leader to be successful, key officials said.

HHS Puts Up $80M to Increase Number and Diversity of Health IT Workforce

The four-year effort will focus on improving data collection—especially around race and ethnicity—and training a more diverse health informatics and technology workforce.

FDA Tells NIST Securing ‘Critical Software’ Extends Beyond Devices

Two federal agencies were among those who submitted comments to the National Institute of Standards and Technology for shaping deliverables under a recent executive order.

NIH Aims to Boost Diversity and Inclusion Within Its Biomedical Workforce 

The agency said the changes, which are part of a larger plan to combat structural racism in biomedical research, are “long overdue.”

Final RFP Released for $50B Health IT-Focused CIO-SP4 Contract

The governmentwide IT contract is geared toward health-related programs but can be used by any federal agency.

You Can Fly! CDC Says Fully Vaccinated People Can Travel Safely within the U.S.

Travelers should continue to wear a mask and maintain social distance.

Critical Update: Disrupting Gene Editing

The CRISPR Cas 9 tool shook up the gene-editing space, leading to new possibilities, risks and questions about who and how the technology should be used. 

Health Agencies Seek Face Mask Designs of the Future

Federal officials want innovators to reimagine the protective products.

FDA Approves VA-Made 3D-Printed Hearing Device for South Carolina Veteran

It’s rooted in the patient’s unique idea to use a drinking straw to open up his hearing pathway.

HHS Aims to Accelerate Technologies for Combatting Lyme Disease

The often-overlooked illness radically disrupts hundreds of thousands of lives each year.