CMS Produces ‘Employee Roll Call Bot’ to Account for Workforce Amid Telework

Teleworking can make it tough for agencies to keep a pulse on their personnel, but bots can help.

NIH Explores New Digital Health Solutions to Trace and Fight COVID-19

Two of the agency’s institutes seek new technical tools and data to inform re-entry risks.

‘How Could the CDC Make That Mistake?’

The government’s disease-fighting agency is conflating viral and antibody tests, compromising a few crucial metrics that governors depend on to reopen their economies. Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, and other states are doing the same.

HHS Proposes ‘IT Control Tower’ to Manage Strategic National Stockpile

The proposal is part of a larger strategy to incorporate the manufacturing, distribution and point-of-care sectors.

State and Federal Data on COVID-19 Testing Don’t Match Up

The CDC has quietly started releasing nationwide numbers. But they contradict what states themselves are reporting.

HHS Relaxes Data Security and Privacy Enforcement For COVID-19 Test Sites

The agency offered a list of suggested security measures but said it will not be imposing penalties in specific circumstances.

Agencies Lean Into Automation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Robotic process automation is accelerating across the National Institutes of Health, Internal Revenue Service and Housing and Urban Development Department.

Audit: HHS Not Maximizing Authorities to Recruit Scientists

The audit suggests the Health and Human Services Department should make use of the 21st Century Cures Act to recruit and retain more government scientists.

Centers of Excellence Team With Another Health Agency Amid Pandemic

FDA became the fourth agency in 2020 to join the Centers of Excellence program; ninth overall.

GSA to Partner with NIH in Centers of Excellence Initiative

One of the National Institutes of Health agencies will formulate and adopt a modernization strategy under the partnership.

House Lawmakers Press HHS Secretary for Details on Contact Tracing Programs

States are turning to smartphone apps and other digital tools that could compromise privacy, the lawmakers wrote. 

Anthony Fauci’s Gen Z Cred

The public-health expert has developed the kind of internet presence that many public figures, especially politicians, only dream of building.

NIH, FDA and VA 3D-Printing Collaboration Turns to Ventilator Parts

So far, about a dozen designs for personal protective gear have gotten the OK for clinical use.

Lawmakers Push CDC for New Demographic Data on Coronavirus Patients

A group of 17 lawmakers asked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to collect sex, race, ethnicity and other information to spot potential inequities in health care. 

Mid-Pandemic, CDC Looks to Upgrade Its Biosurveillance Database

The system collects data from hospitals, local public health departments, pharmacies and more to give researchers and officials a view of how diseases spread across the country.