Election Security

CISA: Election Security Still Under Threat at Cyber and Physical Level

Threats enacted by state-sponsored actors during the 2022 election have highlighted the need for “continued vigilance” in upcoming elections, said CISA Election Security Advisor Kim Wyman.

Election Assistance Commission Appoints New Director With Security-Focused Background

Steven Frid, who currently serves as the security director at the Education Department’s Federal Student Aid office, will begin his role at the Election Assistance Commission on Jan. 30.

No ‘Specific or Credible’ Cyber Threats Affected Integrity of Midterms, CISA Says

Despite “a handful” of DDoS attacks targeting state and local election websites and some technical glitches affecting voting equipment, CISA says it saw “no activity” that should undermine faith in the results of the midterm elections.

Former CISA Head Calls for Renewed Action to Combat Election Lies

Inaugural CISA director Chris Krebs expressed concern about the spread of election misinformation as Twitter changes up its user verification process.

Voting Machine Myths Likely to Increase During and After Midterms, Report Finds

Cybersecurity firm Recorded Future identified mis- and disinformation campaigns suggesting that voting machines from three major companies “will be used to falsify the results of the midterms.”

Experts Weigh in on Strengths and Vulnerabilities of Election Cybersecurity

Both voting systems and the voters themselves could be targets of malign influence.

Election Misinformation Targeting Diverse Communities Drives Calls for Collaboration

Nonprofit groups have stated that federal officials need to do more to directly engage with their efforts on the ground. 

Malign Influence Operations Increasing Ahead of Midterms, Report Finds

A report from cybersecurity firm Recorded Future found that nation-state adversaries and domestic extremists are engaged in efforts to influence the outcome of the November elections.

Malicious Emails Surged for Election Workers in 2 Battleground States Ahead of Primaries

Research conducted by cybersecurity firm Trellix found that county election workers in Arizona and Pennsylvania saw an increase in phishing schemes ahead of their primary elections.

CISA and FBI Say Malicious Cyber Activity is Unlikely to Compromise Election Infrastructure

The joint public service announcement said “extensive safeguards in place” make it difficult for bad actors to interfere in upcoming midterm elections.

Combating Foreign Malign Influence Requires Enhanced Information Sharing

Experts advised the intelligence community to have “more holistic conversations” with the public about the threat landscape.

How Simple Claims of Election Interference Can be Enough to Prompt Real-World Threats

Federal officials remain on guard against foreign meddling in U.S. elections, as CISA and other agencies work to strengthen partnerships and intelligence sharing efforts with state and local election administrators.

Election Officials Have Been Largely Successful in Deterring Cyber Threats, CISA Official Says

The head of CISA’s National Risk Management Center pointed to public-private partnerships and enhanced resource sharing activities as key to defending against outside threats to voting systems.

CISA Hosts Election Security Exercise Ahead of 2022 Midterm Elections

State and local officials, along with representatives from federal agencies and election industry companies, participated in the “Tabletop the Vote” exercise to prepare for a range of hypothetical risks to election operations.

FEC Approves Google’s Plan to Exempt Campaign Emails From Spam Filters

The pilot program stems in part from a March study that found Google filters were far more likely to mark right-wing campaign emails as spam than left-wing ones.