Cyber Threats

CISA Launches Ransomware Warning Pilot for Critical Infrastructure

The new pilot program will enable “timely risk reduction” by alerting critical infrastructure owners and operators of vulnerabilities within their systems that are susceptible to ransomware attacks.

Report: Increased Remote Work for Many Governments Also Raises Cyber Risks

Roughly one-third of government employees believe “their actions don’t matter when it comes to security,” according to a new survey.

Lawmaker and Staffer Health Data Exposed in Insurance Breach

The attack on local insurance company DC Health Link threatens to expose personal information of House lawmakers and Hill staffers.

Intelligence Threat Assessment Highlights Tech Vulnerabilities, Chinese Competition

The Senate’s annual hearing on national security threats underscored the importance of technology in this arena, particularly with growing competition and threats from China.

Ransomware Payments Decreased in 2022 as Criminals Used Other Extortion Tactics

A report from Recorded Future found that, even as ransomware continues to pose a global challenge for individuals and organizations, threat actors are increasingly using other methods to steal sensitive data and demand payments from victims.

Report Spotlights Medical Infrastructure, Utilities as Primary Cyber Targets

A report from TransUnion documented the industries that most suffered from cyberattacks in the end of 2022, and recommended mitigation measures.

Cyber Criminals Are Increasingly Exploiting Cloud Environments, Report Finds

A new CrowdStrike report found that hackers and digital adversaries are relying less on malware, and more on unpatched vulnerabilities and data weaponization.

US Marshals Service Hacked in ‘Major Incident’

This is the second time the agency has been hacked in recent years, adding to a growing number of agencies that have experienced cybersecurity incidents.

CISA Seeks Private Sector Support for Cybersecurity Risk Management

The agency is looking to identify contractors capable of offering services for its Insights Branch, which provides technical cyber risk reduction.

CISA Tells Agencies What to Prioritize to Meet Cybersecurity Log Mandate

The guidance document also explains how CISA and the FBI will work with agencies to investigate cybersecurity incidents.

CISA Urges 'Increased Vigilance' for Cyber Threats on Anniversary of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

As Russia’s full-scale war in Ukraine reaches its one-year anniversary, CISA has warned that the U.S. and European nations “may experience disruptive and defacement attacks against websites in an attempt to sow chaos and societal discord.”

House Dems Call for Info on Racially-Motivated Cyber Attacks

Several House lawmakers tasked DHS and CISA with providing information on “racially- or ethnically- motivated” violent attacks on the U.S. electrical sector.

Won’t Get Fooled Again?

COMMENTARY | In the world of cybersecurity, the more things change the more they stay the same. 

Report: Pentagon Personnel Use Unauthorized, Unsafe Apps on Work Devices

The Defense Department’s inspector general found that unsanctioned apps downloaded onto government-issued mobile devices “could pose operational and cybersecurity risks to DOD information and information systems.”

Report Reveals How US Has 'Not Advanced the Ball' on Top Cyber Risks

The top cybersecurity risks of 2023 include a shortage of trained cyber professionals, international strife and continued vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure services, according to a new report from the Bipartisan Policy Center.

CISA, South Korean Agencies Issue Joint Warning on North Korean Ransomware

The new cybersecurity advisory spotlights North Korean-backed actors targeting healthcare networks with ransomware.