Army Seeks Info on Biosurveillance Systems that Can Detect Coronavirus

The service wants off-the-shelf forecasting tools that could be part of a broader health-monitoring system.  

The Urgency of Vaccinating Kids

The fact that many adults are still refusing the vaccine makes immunizing children even more important.

The Threat That COVID-19 Poses Now

After a year of waves and surges, the pandemic is entering a “tornado” phase in America.

DOD Workforce Wants to Keep Telework Going Despite Early Hiccups

A Defense Department Inspector General report surveyed more than 56,000 employees about telework during the pandemic.

You Can Fly! CDC Says Fully Vaccinated People Can Travel Safely within the U.S.

Travelers should continue to wear a mask and maintain social distance.

Moms Do More Parenting When Working from Home

When only one parent worked remotely and the other worked out of the home, the gender disparity in domestic labor was far more evident.

The Hidden Toll of Remote Work

Switching to Zoom forever might be convenient, but it’s a recipe for loneliness.

Infections with ‘U.K. Variant’ B.1.1.7 Have Greater Risk of Mortality

Now is not the time to get complacent, says NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins. This devastating pandemic isn’t over yet.

The Vaccine Line Is an Illusion

People are stretching the truth to get the vaccine faster, but experts say I shouldn’t. Here’s why.

COVID-19 Drove .Gov Search Traffic in 2020 But Not Always About Health

Data on searches performed on .gov websites shows people wanted information on every aspect of the pandemic, as well as continued interest in NASA and immigration.

Which Federal Agencies Are Giving Their Contractors Access to COVID-19 Vaccines?

Agencies are taking different approaches to inoculating their contract employees, even though—as one trade association executive put it—“The virus doesn’t care whether someone is wearing a blue government badge or green contractor badge.” 

Why You Should Get a COVID-19 Vaccine – Even If You've Already Had the Coronavirus

COVID–19 vaccines offer safer and more reliable immunity than natural infection.

Share of Remote Workers Comfortable Returning to Office Rises, Survey Finds

But the results also suggest most people want to see their coworkers vaccinated before going back.

People Gave Up on Flu Pandemic Measures a Century Ago When They Tired of Them – and Paid a Price

If we have anything to learn from the history of the 1918 influenza pandemic, it is that a premature return to pre-pandemic life risks more cases and more deaths.