Staring at An Image of Yourself on Zoom Has Serious Consequences for Mental Health – Especially for Women

Mirrors, selfies and knowing other people are looking at you all cause people to think of themselves as objects. Video calls are all three in one and are likely increasing the harms of self-objectification.

A Majority of Americans Support Mask Mandates on Planes

A majority of Americans support mask mandates on planes and public transit, a new survey finds.

Are You Tired of Your Job or Is It Actually Burnout?

What are the signs of burnout at work and what can you do about it? An expert explains what to look for in yourself and others.

Patients Report Neuropathy After COVID-19

Nearly 1 in 3 people testing positive for COVID-19 experienced neuropathy, according to a large study.

Teleworking DOD Civilians May Be Recalled to In-Person Work

Two years after the pandemic sent DOD into “maximum telework,” Thursday’s memo points the way toward a new new normal.

The White House Has Details on Its Plan to Bring More Feds Back in April

Agencies across government will take on new responsibilities and offer more in-person services under Biden's new COVID-19 preparedness plan.

A Federal Pandemic Watchdog Says its Oversight Money Will Run Out in July

Brian Miller, special inspector general for pandemic recovery, wrote in a new report that $25 million in CARES Act start-up funds is not enough.

How mRNA and DNA Vaccines Could Soon Treat Cancers, HIV, Autoimmune Disorders and Genetic Diseases

Vaccines could be coming for issues we traditionally could not vaccinate against.

Will Omicron Leave Most of Us Immune?

The variant is spreading widely, but won’t necessarily give us strong protection from new infections.

Agencies Must Establish COVID-19 Testing Programs for Certain Unvaccinated Feds and Contractors By Feb. 15

Task force issues new guidance on coronavirus testing for those who report to federal facilities or otherwise interact with the public.

Report: 45% of All Federal Employees Teleworked in Fiscal 2020

The Office of Personnel Management’s latest annual telework report captures the first six months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Sheer Madness:’ Agencies Scramble to Implement New Policies for COVID-Positive Employees

With staffing shortages arriving or anticipated, agencies look to adapt their quarantine and isolation guidelines.

3 Ways for Government to Sustain Momentum in Digital Transformation

The past two years spurred incomparable change for federal workforces and citizen services.