A Guide to Delivering Great Experiences for Employees as They Embrace the Future of Work

Federal agencies need to invest in technologies that enable employees to work from both the office and remote locations.

Institutional Authority Has Vanished. Wikipedia Points to the Answer.

The crowdsourced reference site can teach the CDC how to communicate in an era of rumors and shifting information.

Back to Work? Here's How to Help Your Dog Cope

Owners should practice leaving dogs alone before heading back to the office.

Deadline Comes for Agencies to Submit Their Reentry Plans 

These plans, which will not be made public, will vary by agency. 

Neckties Are the New Bow Ties

Now that tie wearers have tasted freedom, no one should expect them to go back.

Two-Thirds of US Adults Believe Life is Returning to Normal

A Gallup poll shows that people are resuming activities as Covid-19 vaccination rates rise and restrictions are lifted. But the new Delta variant threatens the nation’s progress, according to the CDC.

Lawmakers Push NIH for Answers About Deleted Coronavirus Data

Their inquiry comes as speculation about the virus’ origins continues to swirl.

As Variant Spreads, Some Regions Bring Back Mask Advisories

In St. Louis and Los Angeles, officials are urging vaccinated residents to wear masks as cases of the Delta strain of Covid-19 are on the rise.

Agencies Ramp Up COVID-19 Deployments Again to Address Outbreaks

White House launches “surge response teams” just as agencies were starting to bring back federal personnel.

IG: SBA’s Cybersecurity ‘Not Effective,’ In Part Due to COVID

The pandemic created new cybersecurity problems for the Small Business Administration, according to the agency’s annual FISMA report.

The 3 Simple Rules That Underscore the Danger of Delta

Vaccines are still beating the variants, but the unvaccinated world is being pummeled.

Survey: Nearly 80% of Feds, D.C. Employees Believe Productivity Increased With Telework

The American Federation of Government Employees survey comes as agency heads decide how to operate in the waning months of a pandemic. 

World War II’s Lesson for After the Pandemic

The U.S. needs another innovation dream team.

What I Learned Helping Lead Oversight of $5 Trillion in Pandemic Relief

Large scale identity theft-based fraud in unemployment assistance stunned many, even those who fight fraud for a living.