The Latest on Agencies’ Return-to-Office Plans

A look at agencies’ various approaches to getting employees back to their worksites; this list will be updated periodically.

Employers Have Been Offering the Wrong Office Amenities

Workplaces need fresh air, not foosball tables and coffee bars.

Health Technology in Action

In this special report, Nextgov examines how the COVID-19 pandemic is shaping technology tools and policies in health care.

The Pandemic Has People Stuck in a Bad Mental/Physical Loop

Participants talked about how caregiving, exhaustion, and mental health stressors kept them from being active, perpetuating the cycle.

How the Pandemic Changed the Government’s Health-Focused Buying

Agencies with health missions had to figure out how to spend emergency funds fast in the face of COVID-19.

The Census Bureau’s First Ever Data on LGBTQ+ People Indicates Deep Disparities

Sexual orientation and gender identity were added to the U.S. Census Bureau’s survey of the pandemic this summer — the first time a national government survey has captured the LGBTQ+ economic experience.

Federal Contractors Must Show Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination by December 8

Companies doing business with the federal government must name a person to coordinate implementation and compliance with the vaccine mandate for covered employees.  

How AI and Data Can Increase Resilience in the New Era of the Pandemic 

While we can’t stop crises from happening, we can find ways to use data to anticipate impact and help with recovery.

How the Veterans Affairs Department Went Digital During the Pandemic

Senior officials shared details and numbers on the department’s COVID-19-specific deployments.

Another Truth About Remote Work

A misconception about the prevalence of working from home explains a lot about confirmation bias in America.

Survey: 58% of Government Employees Support Vaccine Mandates

But 11% of government employees said they would strongly consider leaving their jobs if forced to vaccinate.  

Transition to Permanent Remote Work Will Disrupt High-Cost Urban Areas

Cities will need to show residents who can do their jobs from most anywhere why they should continue living in densely packed places, according to new research.

Biden Administration Details Who Is Covered By the Federal Employee Vaccine Mandate, Exemptions and Discipline

Update released Thursday notes that the requirement holds for all federal employees regardless of whether they are working in the office. 

Over-the-Counter Rapid Antigen Tests Can Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19 – Here’s How to Use Them Effectively

Rapid antigen COVID-19 tests, designed for use at home, can show results in 15 minutes.