Phones in Class Don't Actually Hamper Learning

A two-year study among a large group of students shows that learning and grades are not negatively affected when the students use their mobile device in class.

IT Modernization

IRS Leader Defends Agency’s Stimulus Check Performance

Lawmakers questioned whether lagging IT modernization efforts caused delays or missing financial relief payments for some Americans.

Emerging Tech

Federal Government to Offer $10M to Research COVID-19 Spread on Public Transportation

Major cities could be excluded from receiving grants for “permitting anarchy, violence, and destruction,” per a presidential memo cited in the funding opportunity. 


Government Helps Design Tech to Improve Children’s Focus Amid Pandemic

Remote learning is more than just forcing your child to sit up and stare at the screen during online classes.


3 Research-Based Ways to Cope with the Uncertainties of Pandemic Life

Many people feel they’re drowning in unanswered questions and the anxiety they provoke.


CISA Leader Puts Health Sector Project on the Level of Election Security Initiative

A senior adviser brought in to boost the pandemic-driven effort says new materials are coming and stresses the importance of organizations acting on the agency’s advisories as part of their risk calculus.

CIO Briefing

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Protect All Feds’ Leave Following COVID

Although OPM’s current policy only waives the 30-day annual leave cap for essential employees who are unable to use their leave due to their duties responding to the coronavirus pandemic, Democrats in Congress want to extend the waiver to all federal workers.


7 Science-Based Strategies to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety

Sustained high anxiety can undermine constructive responses to the crisis.

IT Modernization

Lawmakers See Equity-Enhancing Future for Telehealth Beyond Pandemic

Reps. Robin Kelly, D-Ill., and Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., view telehealth services as a key tool to promote equity in health care post-pandemic

CIO Briefing

865,000 Women Left the Workforce Last Month

Overall, 661,000 jobs were added in the U.S. labor force between August and September — but women still left it at alarming numbers.


Can We Still Go to Mars?

The pandemic is making a journey to the red planet feel further away than ever.

CIO Briefing

Current Air Pollution Linked to More Severe COVID-19

Air pollution levels in the U.S. have not decreased significantly during the pandemic.


Mothers’ Careers Are at Extraordinary Risk Right Now

The conditions of teleworking combined with increased child-care demands are a perfect storm for bias against working mothers.