Augmented Reality

Screentime Can Make You Feel Sick – Here Are Ways to Manage Cybersickness

Your devices can trigger symptoms similar to motion sickness.

New Aberdeen Proving Ground Facility Aims to Speed Up Fielding Tech

Work there will support DOD’s new Integrated Visual Augmentation System, Klas Government confirmed.

VA Integrates Extended Reality Technology Across Sites and Treatments

The agency is also launching a new pilot program across multiple facilities.

Army to Equip First Unit With Augmented Reality Headsets By Fall

Top Army officials told Congress the first unit will be equipped with the Integrated Visual Augmentation System headsets by the first quarter of fiscal year 2022.

Army Officials Tout Flexible, Fast Acquisition Authorities as Keys to AR Headset Program

Army officials called the development of the headsets a “success story” for overcoming DOD’s valley of death. 

Microsoft to Produce Augmented Reality Headsets Under $21B Army Contract

The Army’s Integrated Visual Augmentation system headset is based on Microsoft’s HoloLens gaming device.

Report: Augmented Reality Challenges Privacy Norms

Augmented reality technology’s presumed growth comes with some risks.

VA Moves to Expand Its 5G Experimentation 

One of the agency’s senior innovators shed light on what’s to come—and how existing 5G pursuits have paid off in the pandemic. 

Watch App Identifies Sounds for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People

People found the app was useful for letting them know if there was something that they should pay attention to.

Defense to Outfit and Steer Military Dogs with Augmented Reality Goggles

Sights are set on tapping new technology to help better protect soldiers and the canines they guide.

Pokémon Go Wants to Make 3D Scans of the Whole World for 'Planet-Scale Augmented Reality Experiences.' Is that Good?

A new feature within the game will encourage players to create and upload 3D scans of real-world locations.

Pentagon Seeks Pitches for 5G-Enabled Virtual Reality Projects

The Defense Department released the third of four requests for 5G prototypes to test at military bases.

VA Reveals Industry Partners for First 5G-Enabled Hospital

Through early adoption, the Veterans Affairs Department aims to help the entire health care industry visualize, access and co-develop 5G’s full potential.