Augmented Reality

The Future of Computing Is Holograms

This could upend how we use computers every day.

Facebook's New 'AI Camera' Team Wants to Add a Layer to the World

The most important technological advances of the past decade are converging inside the battle for your phone’s camera.

First-time Wheelchair Users Could Learn to Navigate the World Through Virtual Reality

The virtual urban environment that realistically simulates the common spatial negotiation tasks that a first-time wheelchair user might encounter.

Google Finally Admits You Don’t Need Special Hardware for Augmented Reality

The tech company officially killed the idea of special sensors for AR phones.

Apple’s Next iOS Will Make AR a Legitimately Cool Thing

It may well cause you to question the very nature of reality.

Meet Medusa and Jenny—Drones You Fly with Your Mind

A growing drone startup uses augmented reality to drop the joystick.

Want to Chat with Shakespeare? AI Bots Will Soon Allow Us to Talk to the Dead

New chatbot programs are being developed to keep our knowledge active after our physical being passes away.

How Virtual Reality Could Be Used to Save Lives

Think these technologies are too futuristic for the government? Not anymore.

Video: How Augmented Reality Will Change Tech Experiences

"I think that it’ll make our lives better.”

Can Augmented Reality Save Jobs?

Senators at a congressional hearing seemed to think so.

Tech That Will Change the Customer Experience Game

Forrester Research expects augmented and virtual reality will be customer experience game-changers.

How Government Gets Ready for Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality

Two new digital communities will coalesce around new burgeoning technologies in an effort to promote interagency collaboration, partnerships with industry and to exchange ideas about what works.

Education Dept. Seeks Virtual Reality, Video Game Devs for Next-Gen Tech

The department is hosting a $680,000 challenge for virtual and augmented reality ideas.

Virtual Reality May Help You Control Your Dreams

Research suggests people dream more lucidly after they’ve immersed themselves in virtual worlds.