Air Force

Air Forces Cyber turns focus to information operations

New training effort will teach how to target disinformation campaigns and how to influence audiences.

Connect everything? Leaders need to get specific first

Hazy visions of data flowing seamlessly around the battlefield won’t get the job done, says the Air Force general for C2 systems.

Questions loom as Air Force robot-wingman effort prepares to take flight

Industry execs outline challenges of technology, test and evaluation—and even philosophy.

Air Force research arm plans AI prototypes contract for command and control efforts

The $99 million broad agency agreement aims to develop artificial intelligence applications that could help optimize all-domain operations.

Air Force taps enterprise IT director as new CIO

Officials confirmed the armed service named Venice Goodwine to replace outgoing CIO Lauren Knausenberger.

Could the Pentagon use a little ChatGPT?

The Air Force’s top tech leader said the AI technology, or something like it, could help “rapidly pull together information” such as figuring out who’s in charge of an organization.

Expect AR/VR on the battlefield, Air Force CIO says

Augmented- and virtual-reality gear will become more than just a training tool, Knausenberger says.

After 5 full-throttle years, Kessel Run is settling in for the long haul

The new leader of the Air Force “software factory” wants data and architecture standards that stand the tests of time.

How is the Air Force doing at cyber?

To answer the question, a new task force is working to map the service’s networks.

Air Force ready to take bids for $5.3B cyber tech vehicle

Unrestricted and small business pools are a feature in this procurement.

Autonomous systems took center stage at AFA

The idea of teaming uncrewed systems with manned aircraft was a focal point in panels at annual conference, and on the showroom floor.

The Air Force has a plan to #fixourcomputers and more

After airman complaints go viral, USAF CIO promises to make the service’s IT more generally reliable and capable.

Protests hit CACI's $5.7B Air Force win

Every other company that bid on the enterprise IT services contract wants at least a second chance at it.

Space runs on open source software. The U.S. Air Force is fine with that

Commercial space players don’t have the same security concerns as the Pentagon, but that doesn’t mean they can’t share code.

The new Air Force Ones are late, so the old planes need more cash, official Says

Air Force acquisition chief cites 2- to 3-year delay, which Boeing blames on subcontractor and supply problems.

Why the USAF's IT chief is 'bullish' on open source

While there's no such thing as completely secure software, open source can make it stronger through the "power of the crowd," said Lauren Knausenberger, the Air Force's chief information officer.