Commerce Seeks IT Subject Matter Expert Support

Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

The agency is seeking sources to help with IT research and analysis for a potential future contract.

The Commerce Department is looking for sources that could engage in IT research and consulting, but is not committing to a contract for these services at this time. 

Commerce filed the notice last week seeking possible sources to give support services in “IT research, analysis, database subscription services and consulting.” Additionally, the agency seeks sources that could provide executive program support, using a dedicated staff and subject matter experts, and, if needed, could provide dedicated support representatives 24 hours a day during the work week—Monday through Friday—with subject matter experts available to help as needed. 

In the notice, Commerce gave examples of desired requirements to accomplish these objectives. For example, access to research subscriptions covering IT, HR, supply chain, finance, risk and compliance and legal, in addition to annual metric reports, maturity reports and subject matter experts in IT, supply chain, finance and HR to assist with long term planning. 

The agency noted that it would use information from response to help inform a potential blanket purchase agreement. 

Responses are due via email to Commerce’s point of contact by Jan. 17.