Video: Google Chrome Hacks You Need to Know

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Make surfing the Web even easier.

Whether doing online research for a work presentation or hunting for the perfect birthday gift, things can get a little jumbled. With 50 tabs open at once and hundreds of bookmarks, how do you sort through everything and find what you need?

When you have more tabs than you can count on the home screen, you might need some outside help. 

Go to Google Chrome's Web store and download extensions such as Tabman or Merge Windows. These tools help users keep track of what they have open and where.

To learn more about tab managers, check out the CNET video below: 

Need to search through your own history and bookmarks? Bookmarks themselves are shortcuts, but they can quickly accumulate. Find what you need by going to Google Chrome's settings and clicking "manage search engines". From there you can create new search engines for your bookmarks and your history, creating keywords for each. Now in Chrome's search bar, you can type a the keyword and then your query to find that article you read 5 months ago.

Check out the CNET video below to see this trick in action: 

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