How Tech Companies Plan to Control the News

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Keep a watchful eye on your newsfeed.

With more people getting their news from social media, the companies that run these feeds are coming up with new ways to determine who sees what news.

Apple will soon release a news app for iPhones and iPads and plans to hire journalists to select news stories for the app. Some are concerned, however, that there will be an editorial bias toward tech stories favorable to Apple.

Twitter also plans to unveil a new curated news stream. Twitter Lightning will compile specific tweets about live events such as sports games and breaking news stories, but they will be separate from the main Twitter stream.

LinkedIn's Pulse app is also fiddling with its algorithm to determine what users should read. Until recently, users were shown news from any outlet they selected. But now, LinkedIn has retooled the app that removes all control.

To learn what other tech companies are doing to your newsfeed, check out the video from CNET, below: 

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