Agencies Have a New Tool for Researching Electronic Records Management Services


The National Archives and Records Administration and General Services Administration collaborated on the market research tool.

The National Archives and Records Administration and General Services Administration officially released a new Electronic Records Management market research tool to support agencies in identifying the vendor services that are most suitable to meet their specific records management needs. Positioned under the newly unveiled ERM contract vehicle on GSA’s Discovery site, the tool offers agency insiders an interactive approach to finding the best contractors to support their efforts as they make the monumental shift to fully electronic record-keeping. 

NARA and GSA officials recently disclosed their detailed plans for the new ERM tool to Nextgov and they confirmed the official launch today.  

The two agencies previously collaborated to create a new Special Item Number, or SIN, 51 600 under Schedule 36, which is specifically for Electronic Records Management products and services. The new ERM solution offers information on vendors for 11 different distinct records types including social media, cloud services, different forms of digital media and databases, among others. 

Interested parties can click on the types they are looking for to access an interactive tool with a keyword search and various checkboxes that they can adjust to identify the solutions that are most applicable to their demands.

“SIN 51 600 provides a comprehensive capability to solve the complex challenges posed by the movement, manipulation, archiving, security, and management of electronic records,” the tool’s landing page explains. “The abilities to maintain records securely, manage access and retrieval, preserve records for as long as necessary, and execute disposition are included.”

This SIN also includes ancillary supplies and services so that agencies can access a “total” electronic records management solution.

And to make it easier for agencies, all of the contractors included have been pre-vetted and discounted pricing and conditions have already been pre-negotiated. The vendors have also already certified that they can meet all of NARA’s ERM requirements