NASA Picks New Vendor For Renamed $2.9B IT Services Contract

Ingus Kruklitis/

The ACES contract is now NEST, with Leidos taking over the space agency’s central end user IT services contract.

NASA built a new contract for end-user IT services and, in the process, opted for a new prime vendor.

The agency awarded the $2.9 billion NASA End-user Services and Technology, or NEST, contract to Virginia-based Leidos, which will help “establish a long-term outsourcing arrangement with the commercial sector to provide and manage most of NASA's personal computing hardware, agency standard software, mobile IT services, peripherals and accessories, associated end-user services and supporting infrastructure,” according to an agency release issued Thursday.

NEST replaces the 2010 Agency Consolidated End-user Services, or ACES, contract, with Leidos taking over for incumbent HP Enterprise Services.

In the release, NASA notes IT is an integral part of every aspect of the agency’s mission, including its “core business, scientific, research and computational activities,” and will be open for use by all NASA components, including headquarters and the 10 field centers.

“The NEST contract is envisioned to increase the productivity of scientists, engineers and mission support personnel by responsively and efficiently delivering reliable, innovative and secure information technology services,” according to the request for proposals.

The contract has a rather awkward period of performance: a base period of two years and three months, with a two-year add-on option, then an additional one-year option, plus five one-year award term options. Altogether, the contract could extend as far as May 31, 2029.