Video: Google Maps' Timeline Can Show Every Place You've Ever Been

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The tech giant is rolling out a digital travel diary.

It used to be that to know where a person has traveled, you had to look at the stamps in his or her passport. That has changed, and Google has come up with an efficient -- and possibly, invasive -- way for users to see where they've been and what they've done at those places.

Google Maps is the go-to navigation app. The way in which Google collects data lets users keep track of their location history, provided they have turned on location tracking on their phones. 

The timeline feature allows users to jump to a specific day to see their journey, and if the Google Photos app is connected, photos taken there. Users can also rename frequently traveled to locations, such as "work" and "Parent's House."

The timeline information is supposedly "For your eyes only," and users can edit the information on the timeline, deleting specific days, or even huge chunks of location history.

The timeline feature is rolling out now, so edit your settings according in Google Maps on the desktop.

To learn more, check out the video from CNET below: 

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