This Smart Credit Card Might Soon Rule Your Wallet


A smart credit card could communicate directly with banking institutions.

A lot of the new technology on display at this year's Consumer Electronic Show is far from actually reaching the market.  But one piece of tech, a reprogrammable payment card, will definitely be coming to U.S. banks soon, according to Mashable.

Currently dubbed Wallet Card, it's a collaboration between Dynamics Inc. and Sprint. It can be used for a variety of accounts, including debit, credit and loyalty cards.

The card itself looks like a standard credit card, but it has a small e-ink display and two buttons—like a miniature Nintendo Gameboy.

Inside the Wallet Card is a cellphone chip that would let it communicate directly with the bank. This feature is useful for card replacements, downloading new security information or locking an account in case of a breach.

Don't worry about changing batteries or charging the wallet card, either. It contains a small organic chip that allows it to recharge itself.

This technology will be competing with other smart cash technologies, like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Neither of those payment methods can be used at an ATM, however.