Gadgets to Make Holiday Travel Easier

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Travel will never be stress-free, but you can get close.

Traveling during the holidays is a stressful affair and often the best-laid travel plans can go awry. Whether you're road-tripping or braving the airports, here are a few gadgets that might make the journey a bit better. 

If you're flying to their destination, the Spytech mini tracker lets you keep an eye on your luggage, even when you're not there in person to watch it. Place the device in your suitcase and then you can track its location using Google maps. It might seem overkill but busy airports mean there is a greater chance of your luggage being lost or stolen.

High-powered, noise-canceling headphones, such as the Bose Quiet Comfort 352 headphones, will be a lifesaver on an airplane filled with engine noise and crying babies. But a pair of high-quality headphones also lets whiny car passengers listen to their own music or watch their own movies without disturbing others. They might also keep questions like "Are we there yet?" at bay for a little while.

In hotels and airports, power outlet real estate is at a premium, instead of constantly fighting over those two plugs, the Rav power station makes the most out of a single outlet. It has 6 USB ports that can quickly charge all your devices and your family's too.

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