Uber to Work with NASA to Build Flying Taxis


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Where they're going they won't need roads.

Need to get somewhere but the roads are jammed? Uber is developing a way to get around that with it's flying taxi project that they've dubbed Elevate. And they've got a new partner.

Uber has signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA to build software for the project, which the company hopes to launch by the year 2020.  Uber's head of product Jeff Holden made the announcement during a speech at the Facebook Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

NASA will be in charge of building the air traffic control system that would manage the taxi fleet and ensure that Uber's flying cars don't cross paths in the worst way possible.

Three test cities will be a part of the program, Dallas-Fort Worth, Dubai and Los Angeles.

Uber released a video of what it envisions the Elevate service will look like. Watch in the video below: