A Few Helpful New Features in Windows 10

Paolo Bona/Shutterstock.com

Voice commands are always useful.

Microsoft recently released an update for Windows 10 that includes some helpful new features.

The Night Light feature changes the screen to warmer color temperature during the evening hours to ensure it doesn't disturb users' sleep patterns. You can turn it on by going into system settings.

Microsoft's voice assistant Cortana is now more fully integrated and can turn off, restart or lock the computer just through a voice command. If a user is in public place where it's risky to leave a screen on display, he or she can say "Hey, Cortana, lock my computer," and step away.

Additionally, Microsoft's Edge browser now can show previews of all the tabs you have open, making it easier to navigate between different tabs of the same website.

To learn more, check out the video below from CNET