What's Next in Federal Technology?


Download Nextgov's ebook on emerging tech trends impacting the federal government and how it delivers services to citizens.

Emerging technologies like smart cars, artificial intelligence and connected devices aren't the stuff of science fiction: They’re here today and squarely on the radar of the federal government.

Agencies both use these technologies and are responsible for coming up with policies to regulate them. At Nextgov, we’ve been covering these issues with an eye for how these new technologies and the programs they exist in will affect users and citizens. For example, as bullish as many in Congress are for self-driving cars, a recent House hearing revealed lawmakers still can’t shake safety concerns.

AI, too, is tossed around as an enabling technology of the future, and many consumers are already familiar with products like Amazon’s Alexa. While a consortium of agencies is looking to capitalize on AI to better connect citizens to government services, AI could eliminate a slew of jobs now occupied by humans.

This ebook discusses these topics and others relating to the government’s increased use of emerging technologies. Download it here