Video: How to Fly a Plane With Just Your Brain


Here's one way to fly without getting your pilot's license.

Scientists have been developing brain-controlled artificial limbs, but how about a pair of thought-controlled wings?

Sort of. Honeywell Aerospace has come up with technology that allows a King Air C90 to be piloted by the mind (along with a computer and some well-placed sensors). To turn right, focus on a right arrow in front of you, and the sensor-filled helmet you're wearing will transmit the signal and the plane does your bidding.

This mind-controlled system won't be featured in most planes any time soon, so don't worry about your upcoming travel plans.

"What we're doing in our lab is to develop technologies to be able to measure pilot workload, attention, a whole bunch of parameters that affect pilot performance in the flight deck," said Santosh Mathan, an engineer at Honeywell Aerospace.

To learn more, check out the video below from Wired: