Video: Energy Department's 3-D Printed House

Energy Department

Imagine being able to print your own brand-new house. The Energy Department's Oak Ridge National Laboratory made the first strides in doing just that, creating a prototype of a 3-D printed home, and dubbed it the Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy demonstration project, or AMIE.

The house comes complete with a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and a unique way of powering it all

"What if we didn't build buildings the same way we built them centuries ago?" said Roderick Jackson, group leader of Building Envelope Systems Research at ORNL. "What if we actually used new technology, new ways of doing things to really move the needle forward with how we generate, consume and store energy in our buildings?"

Previously, ORNL constructed a 3-D printed sports car.

Check out the 3-D-printed structure in the video below from the Energy Department: