Now's Your Chance to Weigh In on the White House's Web Privacy Policy

Orhan Cam/

The administration says it won't share personal info about Web visitors outside the government.

The White House does not share information about visitors to its Web and mobile tools outside of the federal government, either for commercial or political purposes, according to the draft of an updated privacy policy published on Thursday.

The White House may share some visitor information with other federal agencies in response to law enforcement requests or to protect its online security, the policy said. The White House may also share information requests that are under an agency’s jurisdiction “for the limited purpose of addressing your request for assistance.”

The draft policy will go into effect on April 18.

The White House uses Google Analytics to collect data about much of its website and mobile app traffic, the policy said. However, the White House does not share any personally-identifiable information about visitors with Google and prohibits the company from combining or matching information culled from White House tools with any other information it has, the policy said, and it shields visitors’ full Internet Protocol addresses from Google.

The White House also shares some information it deems public information, such as comments on White House Web pages and to social media accounts, which it occasionally compiles in blog posts and press releases, the policy said.

The full draft privacy policy is available here. Users can comment on the draft policy here

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