DISA's key players

Top agency officials and key program leads.

DISA Officials, 2021

Who: Lt. Gen. Robert Skinner

Director, Defense Information Systems Agency, and Commander, Joint Force Headquarters-Defense Department Information Network

What he does: Oversees nearly 20,000 personnel and contractors dedicated to planning, developing, operating and defending joint command and control capabilities and enterprise infrastructure in more than 40 countries. Skinner is charged with securing and defending DOD’s network, defining its priorities and directing threat-informed actions. He also leads command and control of daily network, cybersecurity and defensive operations.

Maj. Gen. Garrett Yee

Assistant to the Director

What he does: Helps lead DISA’s military and civilian personnel, who plan, develop, deliver and operate joint, interoperable, command and control capabilities and a global enterprise infrastructure in direct support of the president, secretary of defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, combatant commanders, DOD components and other mission partners across the full spectrum of operations.

Christopher Barnhurst

Executive Deputy Director

What he does: Leads DISA’s operations, focusing on delivering efficient and effective IT services to warfighters.

Laurel Lashley

Program Manager, Cloud-Based Internet Isolation Program

What she does: Leads the program that creates an air gap between the potential vulnerabilities of internet activity and DOD networks. DISA moved CBII from a pilot to production with the ultimate goal of migrating all DOD users to the solution, beginning with the 1.5 million users who are scheduled for migration by the end of fiscal 2021.

Steve Wallace

Systems Innovation Scientist, Emerging Technology Directorate

What he does: Leads a team that is developing innovative solutions to meet the technical challenges facing warfighters, including cybersecurity, telework capabilities and identity management.

Don Means

Director, Defense Enclave Services

What he does: Leads the DES effort as part of DOD’s digital modernization strategy. DES is a cloud contract that brings common office solutions — such as email, voice, video and chat — to DOD’s administrative support agencies, including the Defense Logistics Agency.

Brian Hermann

Director and Program Executive Officer, Services Development Directorate

What he does: Oversees the delivery of business systems, enterprise IT services, and command and control solutions for DOD.

Col. Chris Autrey

DES Military Deputy, and Lead, Fourth Estate Network Optimization Program

What he does: Oversees the migration of more than a dozen defense agencies and field activities to DODNet as part of an effort to offload commonly used IT services, such as help-desk support, by the end of fiscal 2021.

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