Even Tech Workers Think They’re Underpaid

Matej Kastelic/Shutterstock.com

This is in an industry where interns can make over $50 an hour.

Perception is reality, but for techies it might be hard to see through their bubble.

A new survey of 6,000 tech workers by workplace app Blind shows that over 60% feel they’re not paid enough. This is in an industry where interns can make over $50 an hour, new grads can get $100k signing bonuses, and the average employee makes more than double the national average in the U.S.

Though the survey is far from comprehensive (only 67 participants were from Netflix, 188 from Facebook), the results still underscore how employees of the world’s most valuable companies can feel undercompensated. According to data from Indeed, the average base salary for a software developer in the U.S. is over $110k, which is in the top 5% of jobs nationally. However, when you work in a culture where the money flows freely, it’s easier to assume you’re getting the short end of the stick.

Some interesting findings from the survey:

  • The five companies where the most employees feel underpaid were all founded before 1998.
  • Netflix has the highest percentages of employees who feel fairly compensated, with 81%.
  • Facebook has the highest percentage of employees who feel overpaid, with 14%.