Late Night Snacks Cost You the Next Day at Work

Physical and emotional strains associated with unhealthy eating were related to changes in how people behaved at work throughout the day.

Higher Income Makes People Feel More Confident

Researchers found consistent evidence to show that income reliably predicted greater positive self-regard emotions and lower negative self-regard emotions.

Moms Do More Parenting When Working from Home

When only one parent worked remotely and the other worked out of the home, the gender disparity in domestic labor was far more evident.

OPM Appointments Mark a Radical Shift in Agency's Role

The hiring of high-level executives from organized labor marks a return to federal employee unions having a seat at the table in the formulation of federal personnel policy.

Biden Infrastructure Plan Includes Billions for Federal Buildings and Research

The American Jobs Plan proposes spending a small chunk of the $2 trillion on improving federal office buildings and hospitals.

Getting and Growing the Cyber Workforce You Need for 2021—and Beyond

It’s no secret that the competition for cyber talent is stiff. With a 0% unemployment rate and nearly 400K open positions across the U.S., federal agencies must reinvent their cyber employee experience. 

VA Rolls Back Trump-era Workforce Policies

The Veterans Affairs Department is restoring its previous contract with AFGE, which allows access to official time and union office space in department facilities.

Biden Asks Feds Across Government to Volunteer to Assist at the Border

Employees would serve four-month stints and work directly with migrant children.

Lessons From 30 Years of Government Reform Efforts

There’s much that newcomers to government should learn from the past.

Closing the Cyber Skills Gap Will Take New Technologies in Addition to New Talent

The cybersecurity resources gap is no longer a problem we can solve with humans alone.

Which Federal Agencies Are Giving Their Contractors Access to COVID-19 Vaccines?

Agencies are taking different approaches to inoculating their contract employees, even though—as one trade association executive put it—“The virus doesn’t care whether someone is wearing a blue government badge or green contractor badge.” 

Survey: Pandemic Accelerating AI Adoption

Multiple drivers are pushing federal agencies and industry toward AI technologies.

Deputy Federal CIO on Fate of Trump-era IT Policies

The Office of American Innovation, Cloud Smart and the Federal Reskilling Academy are some of Trump-era tech policies left behind. Now the Biden team must decide what to do with them. 

How DISA Is Shifting to DEOS Cloud Tools as Interim Telework Solutions Sunset

DISA’s program director for the enterprisewide collaboration tools contract said the agency is creating a guide for other components to ease migration, including navigating security levels.