As AI Takes Over Jobs, Women Workers May Have the Most to Lose

Women, especially if they are Hispanic, may be at most financial risk from the automation of jobs says a new report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

House Lawmakers Join Push for Federal Contractor Back Pay

After a push from senators, 48 House members urged the House Appropriations Committee to include back pay for federal contractors in funding legislation.

Lawmakers Want to Protect Security Clearances from Politics

A bill introduced in the Senate would prevent federal leaders from revoking clearances as “retaliation for political activities.”

Miscategorized Tech Jobs May Hinder Agency Efforts to Fill Critical Vacancies

The Government Accountability Office found agencies assigned a non-IT code to more than 15,000 IT positions.

Upgrading IT Could Address Tech Hiring Challenges, Bring About AI, Experts Say

Sluggish tech makes the government a less attractive place to work for talented IT specialists, experts said at SXSW.

GSA Chief: Leadership Must Protect Workforce to Drive Innovation

Things can go wrong when employees are taking risks. That's where senior officials step up, GSA’s Emily Murphy said.

Nine Major Agency Reform Proposals in Trump's 2020 Budget

Hiring surges, eliminated offices and more in the White House's latest budget blueprint.

Why Federal IT Projects Fail (and How to Ensure Success)

As it turns out, projects are often derailed from the beginning.

Pentagon’s Cyber Mission Force Needs Better Training Plan

A government watchdog found flaws in the Defense Department’s transition from building its Cyber Mission Force to maintaining it.

Artificial Intelligence Now Helps People Find Jobs

A group of young entrepreneurs is looking to empower workforce agencies and job seekers, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

Virtual Reality Could Make Disaster Response Training More Effective

In early tests of its augmented reality training software, a Texas-based startup made first responders perform faster and more accurately.

Federal CIO: Agencies Already Tracking Future Cyber Reskilling Graduates

Agencies are already interested in hiring the future graduates, according to Suzette Kent.

Lawmaker Reintroduces Bill to Boost Morale at Homeland Security

Similar legislation to improve engagement at the troubled department passed the House in 2017.

Federal Cyber Reskilling Academy Draws 1,500 Applicants

A lot of federal employees with non-technical backgrounds appear interested in making the shift to cyber defense analysts.

Uncomfortable Mentorship is Vital to Success

Grooming the next generation of tech talent requires honest mentoring, according to government tech leaders.

Where Are the Stories About Government’s Vital Work?

Agencies need to do a better job of explaining what they do and why it matters.