Bill to Block Feds' Personal Email, Social Media Access Advances

The bill would authorize agency leaders to block any website for cybersecurity reasons without negotiating with unions.

There Are Two Types of Respect. Lack One, And You’ll Hate Your Job

This isn’t just a millennial, “special snowflake” phenomenon.

Microsoft Is Putting Slack On Notice

The company's new product appears positioned to directly compete with Slack’s free offering.

Defense Security Service Is Trying to Overhaul the Entire Security Clearance Process

And it turned to an alternative contracting method to find nontraditional background check companies and ideas.

Job References Often Lie. Ask These Questions to Make Them Tell the Truth

It’s easy to wonder whether checking references is a total waste of time.

Open-Plan Offices Have a Surprising Effect on Workplace Communication

Airy, communal spaces do not a buzzing, collaborative environment make.

Four Things the World Cup Can Teach Us About Winning in The Workplace

The “beautiful game” can teach us humans how to work and lead beautifully.

Feds Say Small Talent Pool, Smaller Budget Causing Workforce Crisis

Here’s why public-sector hiring managers think the government is struggling to fill its ranks.

Google’s Duplex AI Could Kill the Call Center

And little is known about how this AI system actually works.

Code Now. Pay Tuition Later.

Coding schools are offering free classes in exchange for a percentage of future income. But at what cost?

Hiring Alone Will Not Solve Government’s Security Problems

It's going to take more than increased employees to keep up with vulnerabilities.

Survey: Most Feds Who BYOD Do It Without Agency Approval

It’s hard for agency security officials to protect networks when they don’t know what’s connecting to them, experts say.

3 Cultural Considerations in IT Modernization

First, remember that transformation is a team sport.

For the Pentagon Management Chief, Reform Begins with Good Data

Pentagon Chief Management Officer Jay Gibson offers a view of the path to reform in an exclusive interview with Nextgov.

A Stanford Researcher Says We Shouldn’t Start Working Full Time Until Age 40

Why are we still packing all of our career and family obligations into a few frantic decades?

Here’s a Handbook for Becoming a Great Agency CISO

The CIO and CISO Councils teamed up to offer a comprehensive, searchable guide to being a cybersecurity leader.