Google Debuts New Way to Back Up Files


The evolution of Google Drive.

If there's one thing security experts agree on, it's that tech users should back up their files completely and back them up often. 

Google is introducing a new app June 28 to replace Google Drive for PCs and Macs that lets users back up their files with more flexibility.

Dubbed Backup and Sync App for desktops, the program will be integrated with both Google Photos Desktop Uploader and Google Drive.

After installing the app, users will get a find a new Google Drive folder on their computer. Any files put into that folder will automatically sync up with Google Drive online. And anything added to Google Drive online will appear in the folder.

Google will offer 15 gigabytes of storage for free, as well as multiple paid options, starting with 100 gigabytes for $1.99 a month, all the way up to 30 terabytes for $299.99 per month.

To learn more, check out the video below from CNET: