Video: Track the Flu With These Apps


Thanks to these apps, you can stay one step ahead of the flu and nasty colds.

Now that election season is coming to a close, cold and flu season is just taking off. But thanks to certain apps, you can stay one step ahead of these nasty illnesses and make sure you don't catch them.

SickWeather scans social media for status updates that indicate someone has the flu. It uses that data to create a weather forecast-like radar map of your area and even alerts users when they enter into a "sick zone.", uses self-reporting and aggregates the user-submitted data to give a report of flu conditions across the country. The app also has a vaccine-finder tool, to let users know where the nearest available flu shot is.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control has its own app: FluView. It offers interactive state maps and prevention strategies.

To learn more about these apps, check out the video below from CNET