Nextgov Ebook: Customer Experience Roadmap

Vadim Georgiev/

This ebook will discuss what leading agencies are doing to improve customer service and align customers with their missions.

The last two years of the Obama administration may well be remembered historically as the catalyst for driving the federal government to improve its customer service. For years, the government has lacked the technology, resources and – perhaps most importantly – the drive to compete to serve customers the ways that leading retailers and other industries do.

But that’s changing.

The White House formed a community of practice around customer service, and recently incorporated a Customer Service Council, to share best practices and spread leading ideas to departments far and wide. All the while a growing number of agencies have been developing customer service plans that incorporate everything from organizational structures to emerging digital technologies.

This ebook will explain why bolstering customer experience makes "fundamental business sense," as one CX expert at the Export-Import Bank put it. It will also delve into what leading agencies, including the Veterans Affairs Department, U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services and the U.S. Postal Service, are doing to improve customer service and align customers with their missions.

Download the Customer Service Roadmap here.