These Real-World Tricks Can Help Keep You Secure Online

You don't have to be a cyber genius to stop hackers in their tracks. You just need a piece of tape.

When you think about ways to stay safe online, usually digital options come to mind like two-factor authentication and keeping software updated. But there a few things you can do physically that will keep you safe digitally, according to Wired

The simplest trick of all is to cover your webcam. If hackers do get access to your webcam, they can glean a lot of personal information about you, including your location. So stop any hackers looking to get a peek at you in their tracks with a simple piece of tape. If you don't have any tape lying around, try a section of Post-It note or even a bandage. 

Even Facebook Magnate Mark Zuckerburg and former FBI chief James Comey reportedly make use this trick. 

If you want to take physical security a step further, try a privacy shield for your devices. It works a lot like a screen cover that prevents scratches for your smartphone but instead is meant to protect your screens from prying eyes. When the shield is in place, a person looking straight on at the screen will see everything clearly. But someone attempting to view from a side angle will only see a dark screen. It may seem like overkill, but you never know who might be trying to get a glimpse of you entering your password.

Another option for boosting your online security is to use a physical authentication key. This device, a USB or Bluetooth key that can be carried on a keychain will strengthen the two-factor authentication system already in place. Basically, anytime you log-in, you must plug the physical key into the device, guaranteeing that only you can access your account. Google even requires the use of one as a part of their Advanced Protection Program.

 And if you're not already using two-factor authentication, then what the heck are you doing?