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Learn how agencies are protecting themselves against both the careless employee and the one who went rogue.

The federal government continues to battle various threats, and the insider one is particularly insidious. Whether it’s an agency employee who accidentally leaks information or a worker with malicious intent, agencies need to ensure they don’t allow unauthorized access to valuable assets.

A multitude of initiatives across government aim to prevent insider threats. For example, the Defense Department’s DOD Component Insider Threat Records System works to detail national security workers and those cleared for accessing U.S. secrets, flagging who among them could potentially be a risk. At the FBI, the profiling unit—after whom the show “Criminal Minds” was inspired—studies how technology can help detect insider threats. The still-in-progress National Background Investigations Bureau has also considered the idea to implement a score to determine certain individuals’ eligibility to perform secret government work

This ebook reviews some of the efforts agencies are taking on to protect themselves against both the careless employee and the one who went rogue. 

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